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Take Your Love Life Into The Kitchen


Take Your Love Life Into The Kitchen

We all know that food and sex are two of the things that we most enjoy in our lives. Therefore, if you are planning to make dinner and you are going for delicious tortillas because you love food so much, you might also be interested in knowing how this space of your home can be used in creative ways in your sex life.

Dining is also a very important part of the whole dating process, so it’s not difficult to think about bringing food to the next level from an intimate point of view. If you have not tried it before, it can certainly spice things up in the bedroom. After all, both food and sex are comforting activities that we usually share with the ones we love, and they both tend to get messy.

If you are intimidated by the idea, you really shouldn’t, since these are both areas in which you can explore as much as you want, and doing so can really build up trust as well in a relationship. However, before we go into details about how you can approach this matter, let’s take a look at the connection between the two from a psychological point of view.

Why Do They Work so Well Together?

Ever since people have been around, food, love, and sex have been in a close relationship. It’s rather difficult to feel romantic if you are hungry, but it’s also true that when we meet someone new, we tend to forget about food. Our brains and bodies work in interesting ways, and the chemicals that they produce in various situations can definitely impact the way we physically feel.

However, the close connection between love and food is important, especially in a relationship, as it can deepen the bond between two individuals. On the other hand, it’s also a definitely fun idea, even if you are in a committed relationship or not. There’s a basic human need for both food and sex, so they are part of our nature, which is why they work together so well.

No matter if we’re eating or having sex, we are using our senses. Taste, touch, smell, they all come together in each of these activities, so it’s only natural to enjoy heightened sensations if you combine the two.

Food Ideas

Now that we covered the essentials, let’s see how you can use various types of food in the bedroom, to bring your experience to the next level. The first idea used by many is sushi. There’s something inherently appealing about sushi, and you can definitely think about eating it off your partner’s naked body.

If you have skills and can prepare the rolls yourself, then that’s even better, but there’s no worry if you rely on take-out for this one. The important part is to have fun together and explore this aspect further.

Since we’re more in the main course area, it’s a good moment to mention spaghetti and tomato sauce. This is one of the all-time comfort-food favorites, associated with great taste and relaxation. Therefore, you can safely take it to the next level and prepare a great dinner together with your partner for a night of fun.

You can also try the classical spaghetti kiss if you haven’t done so already, and make sure you have napkins around, as the situation can easily get messy.


Of course, if you are into sweets, you can definitely give them a try as well. In fact, they do tend to be the more popular option, with whipped cream being among the top choices. Of course, you can and should get creative, depending on what you like to eat. Many people also go for chocolate syrup.

It’s good to keep in mind that it tends to be a little messier than its whipped cream counterpart, and it drips a lot, so you and your partner might have to be on top of the situation from this point of view. If you have calligraphy skills as well, you can use the chocolate syrup to write things on your partner’s body, using the larger areas, such as the back or stomach.

No matter where your imagination takes you, food and sex work great together, so don’t hesitate to explore everything that these two can offer together.

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