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The New Rules Of Lingerie: 3 Pieces Of Advice For Every Woman


The New Rules Of Lingerie: 3 Pieces Of Advice For Every Woman

The Next Level

Lingerie has grown continuously since its French inception so long ago. Today it’s popular to hire intimate wedding photographers, and a big part of that is how favorable new innovations in this most intimate of clothing choices have become. There’s probably an option out there for you somewhere, and more options develop every day.

If you want to get the best lingerie for your body, relationship, and peace of mind, you may have to look around. Of course, you’ll look the best in some slip of lingerie if you’re careful to eat right and work-out regularly; this puts your body in a state of fullest flourishment.

But you don’t have to be a Victoria’s Secret model to look good in a chemise. Following three of the new rules of lingerie will be explored. Remember one thing over all else: being comfortable is the most important consideration. If you’re uncomfortable, that’ll affect intimate situations, and your own self-perception. Above all, shop for comfort.

1: Lingerie Is For More Than Sex

Certainly, a prime motivator behind the purchase of lingerie is intimacy; but there’s more to it than just that—especially today. Lingerie should make you feel attractive. When you feel attractive, you’re more likely to be confident. When you’re more confident, you’re more likely to be happy. When you’re more happy, people are more likely to prefer your company.

While this may not be the case for everyone, the right robe, or chemise, or undergarment of the right sexy shade can be something which helps you feel good throughout the day, or by yourself at home when you’ve got some downtime. Certainly it’s excellent for the bedroom, but in today’s world, there are other applications as well.

2: Not Everything Will Fit How You Expect—Trial And Error

The female body has an inhering diversity to it that shouldn’t be ignored. Unless you’re the plastic model on which the varying garments are hung, they’re not going to fit you the same. You’re going to have to experiment around a bit with different brands, and different lingerie conventions, until you find the right one.

3: Affordability Is A Spectrum

Going too cheap can cost you. While it’s certainly exciting to imagine clothing being literally ripped from your body, at the same time, that clothing costs money! If your lingerie is too cheaply designed, then it will fall apart easier, and you’ll have to buy it again and again. But at the same time, there is a delicate nature to lingerie.

Even the best designed, most sturdy, haute lingerie garments will have a vulnerability in this regard, so if you spend too much, you’re basically throwing money away. You know how your significant other acts in the bedroom. And you know they’re going to rip some garments.

The best balance between these extremes will be idiosyncratic to you—especially given the options in lingerie available today. What you should probably do is find something that’s not too cheap, and not too expensive.

Be The Most Sexy, Comfortable You

If you want to find lingerie for any occasion, 3 Wishes offers some prime solutions, and can even help you stay up to date on lingerie trends; just follow the advice of the site: “Subscribe to our newsletter,” it says—and that can help you stay trendy on what’s sexy in terms of intimate wear today.

The rules of the game may never totally change, but they are always being altered, and today’s lingerie is truly a decisive agent in that alteration. So look into the available options, and find something for you that’s comfortable, affordable, good for your self-esteem, and which fits properly. Between specialty shops and the internet, you’re bound to find something you love!

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