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Attraction & Intimacy: Signs She Is Interested In You

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Attraction & Intimacy: Signs She Is Interested In You

“Our souls crave intimacy”- unknown author (slipped my mind).  A quote I once heard that struck a chord in me at a young age. I have always been fascinated with emotional and spiritual intimacy and what it means. Connecting with the opposite sex and developing our emotional intimacy that develops into sexual energy. Being intimate with someone is a beautiful thing that I take great pride in. Becoming one while being intimate with the opposite sex is something I love to do. I am extremely comfortable with intimacy and find myself able to easily open up to the opposite sex.

First Impressions

First impressions are everything to me. You get to see someones’ character and true colors. Always listen to the way others present themselves to you; they are telling you who they are.

How To Impress You On A Date

I love a stimulating conversation where we find commonalities on a first date. Everyone gets nervous or the jitters when meeting someone for the first time. So it’s nice to find common ground with your date to alleviate the nervousness.

Common Mistakes Guys Make On Dates

I have never had a bad date! I don’t believe in “bad dates”. Maybe not so great experiences but “bad” is a negative state of mind. I try to always shift the energy of a date if I feel it’s moving towards a negative direction. I don’t expect guys to be perfect and to always please me. For the most part I have had nothing but wonderful dates and experiences. Everyone I have came in contact with has been wonderful and fulfilling. The few negative dates I have had; I just kind of write it off and assume they were having a “bad day”. We can’t always be perfect; after all we are human 🙂

Signs I Am Interested

I am pretty expressive! You would be able to tell if I was uninterested. I don’t believe in being “bored”. Boredom is a state of mind and if your “bored”, that’s something you should change! It’s no ones fault but your own if you’re “bored”.  For the most part I do a pretty good job of stimulating myself and my dates to keep from being uninterested.

Ava Reese – Muse. Vixen. Courtesan. Your Asian/Ebony Elite Companion based out of San Francisco, CA

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Ava Reese

Muse. Vixen. Courtesan. Your Asian/Ebony Elite Companion based out of San Francisco, CA.


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