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Why It’s Important To Embrace & Explore Intimacy

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Why It’s Important To Embrace & Explore Intimacy

Developing a familiarity with someone physically or on a personal level is a deep way of being intimate.  This type of closeness feeds us as humans. It is so necessary and lacking in the lives of many.  It can sometimes be difficult to forge these connections for various reasons. 

Some of those reasons include: a lack of education around sexuality, living in pleasure-phobic societies, adult responsibilities, lack of time or an inability to prioritize our relationships.  I love learning about the people I come across, especially when I see a willingness to be seen.

The Importance Of An Embodied Life

Being in communication with my body is so important. I’ve learned to pick up cues from my body about what it needs or wants.  How do you follow pleasure when you can’t feel into it, inside your body?  Operating from a place of logic can bind people into ideas about pleasure and fantasy, without a nuanced connection to bodily sensations. 

There’s nothing wrong with fantasy, but I think there’s a lot that is missed if we forget to consider our real experience.  The driving question is: “How much juiciness do you want to experience in your body?

Steps Taken Towards This Journey

Learning mindfulness practices, developing communication skills and re-engaging with fun!  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lose touch with the spirit of joy, as the responsibilities of being an adult take over.  It’s been a valuable resource for me to actively practice these skills within a community of likeminded people.  I try to foster playfulness through dancing, singing and humour.  

How My Life Has Improved

Having a developed connection with my body has expanded the range within which I can experience pleasure and attraction.  I have also developed a better ability to self-regulate during stressful situations.

Common Blocks To Embodied Intimacy?

Embodied intimacy can be a tricky place to get to if someone is stuck in ideas of what intimacy is supposed to look like or if they’re caught in a routine.  To be clear, there is nothing wrong with being in those places.  Just like with anything that requires effort and creativity, you develop a broader capacity for pleasure by stepping outside of that box. 

Sensations Felt When Not In Touch With One’s Pleasure & Ways To Overcome Disembodiment

When a person is out of touch with their pleasure, they can exist primarily in their heads or thoughts.  Numbness, disassociation or pain are common experiences.  Pleasure tends to be experienced within a narrower range. 

A few simple ways to connect into your body include taking some mindful breaths.  Tracking physical sensations such as a tightness, expansion, cool, warmth, tingling, numbness and so forth.  Allowing for spaciousness to take a breath, to notice what’s cooking within your body or to express what it is that you want.  Slowing down is a great approach to this practice.  Most importantly, follow the pleasure.

Megan O’Conner – A sun-kissed brunette with deep, soulful eyes, a free spirit who enjoys quality connections.  Discreet, part-time companion to men, women and couples in Vancouver, Canada. 

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Article image courtesy of Megan O’Conner, featured image by Edward Eyer from Pexels

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