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The Daddy Dom Little Girl Relationship


The Daddy Dom Little Girl Relationship

Although there are a lot of misconceptions about this branch of BDSM, I love the Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG) lifestyle.  Having a caregiver is the most amazing feeling in the world!! For me, the dynamics of a DDLG relationship eliminates the stigma usually associated with sex.

Characteristics Of A DDLG Lifestyle

In a typical DDLG relationship , there is a “Daddy Dom” (or caregiver) and a “Little Girl” who acts more childlike. I also want to mention that even though its called “DDLG”  there are also Mommys and Little Boys too, and all DDLG relationships are different. In most DDLG partnerships, the caregiver will act as a mentor to the little.

They make the Little feel safe, secure and loved, by making sure they’re ok, enforcing rules and, of course, by spoiling them! Littles need their dominants to serve as an authoritative figure. The Littles’ role is to make the caregiver feel needed, appreciated, loved and respected. As with any BDSM relationship, there may be punishments when a Little breaks a rule, but these rules/ punishments are usually pre-determined.

How My Interest In DDLG Started

I had always been curious about different fetishes (ever since one guy asked me to “Domme” him LOL) and I noticed myself liking a lot of aspects of the DDLG lifestyle. Although I do “switch” every once in a while, I always lean towards the subby side. 😉

Favorite DDLG Activities

I love to dress up, make bracelets, cuddle and suck on my pacifiers, and I really like being groomed and bathed 😀

My favorite punishment is spankings 😛

DDLG Tips For Beginners

If there’s one thing that you take from this article let it be this = safeword. As with any relationship, a DDLG partnership requires trust and a safeword is a good way for beginners to let their partner know what they like and don’t like. A “SAFEWORD” is a word that means that the sub is reaching/has reached their limit”. It’s an important step to introducing your partner to the BDSM lifestyle.

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