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Hong Kong Internet Influencer, Ruby Gloom


Hong Kong Internet Influencer, Ruby Gloom

Hello everyone! My name is Ruby Chan and I made up a name for myself for my social media accounts which is Ruby Gloom. So this name is from a well-known Canadian cartoon and I found myself similar to the character Ruby Gloom so I took this name. I’m from Hong Kong and I just turned 24 years old. I’m a Fashion Blogger, Stylist (mostly people called me an Internet Influencer) and I also own my brand “WeeGirlsClub”. I studied language during my high school and English Literature was my major in tertiary education. I started dressing really outrageous in 2011 and suddenly became popular on the Internet firstly on Facebook, then Instagram and Tumblr. After that I got plenty of exposure such as on Dazed N Confused Magazine, Tokyo Kawaii TV and other websites and magazines.


Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

I’m a really random person, sometimes ideas just suddenly pop up on my mind. But basically I know very well about what I like and what matches me, so I get very into things I love which is important to create new ideas. Also I follow a lot of amazing people on Instagram and they are very artistic and inspirational. Also my closest friend Koleman (also known as BBYSENPAI on IG) is always the biggest inspiration to me. We influence each other a lot.

Can you tell us more about Weegirlsclub?

Weegirlsclub is my brand which I founded last year in August. Initially I started it for selling my second-hand clothes since a lot of my followers had been asking me to do that. Then after awhile I had this idea of making my own collections. I treat my brand not just as a clothing brand but a community. “Wee” means “little”, and I think that women no matter what age should stay young and wild forever. In April, I designed a collection of WIFI Qipao, which I explored Asia and examined the traditional Chinese qipao. I re-imagined this traditional dress for the modern tech-savy girl of today. The design of a new-age qipao with a contemporary fit and embellished with virtual iconography boundaries and staying cute and young is never bounded by ages.

You have quite a few lovely tattoos, is there a story behind one of them?

The first time I did my tattoos, it was like three years ago. I wanted tattoos for a long time and that period of time was like the toughest in my life so I decided to give myself some physical pain. The first tattoos on my arms were two heart-shaped candies with “Hope” and “Faith”. I wanted to remind myself whenever I feel depressed and my head is down, I see my tattoos with “hope and faith”, I can cheer myself up.

What is a typical day like for Ruby Gloom?

My typical day is: Waking up at noon, smoke a cigarette and treat myself to a cup of tea. Going on my laptop, checking emails and orders from my online shop. Then get ready to go out for a photoshoot/events or my part time job. At night I would go meet my boyfriend at his studio or we would go out for dinner. Then we look at each others faces for a long or short time depending on our schedule before we go home.


How often do you replace your wardrobe?

I don’t have a routine to replace my wardrobe. Usually when I’m free and I have time to do some shopping, I will buy something for my new outfits. And I get quite a lot of clothing sponsors too which is so great that I can have free but cute new stuff to wear! But my wardrobe is exploding most of the time since I have really too many things so sometimes I would join flea markets organized by my friends and sell my clothes. I don’t want to waste the pieces and I think a lot of people can rock them!

Is there a particular outfit or accessory that you will never ever wear?

OH yes! I never ever wear brown colors… I think brown can be cute or cool on a lot of people but not me. I just don’t feel like myself wearing brown. And I never wear high heels to go out too. I cannot walk in heels and I have some nerve problem at my back because I used to wear really high platforms for years which triggered this problem. And wearing heels makes my back and legs even worse.

On a scale of 1-10, how funny will you say you are?

I think I’m quite funny, I get a sense of humor mostly when I’m in good mood. I guess a 7?

It’s a great pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy, Ruby. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Thanks for featuring me too!

I think all kinds of description towards women have a standard put inside, and especially the word “sexy”. For me I appreciate all kinds of beauty no matter what ethnicity, gender, style or everything. I think “sexy” comes from the inner side of a person and when someone is confident, they are really sexy. But for sure I have my own taste on sexiness too! I think people who smile a lot are sexy.

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Instagram: @rubyrubygloom

Photo credits: Photo editing by Lele Cheung

Credits: Styling and photographed by Koleman Chan & Zhang Bing / Brand: DYNASTI

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