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Sex tips for Bottoms


Sex tips for Bottoms

My personal views on bottoming has two sides …the personal …. and the professional. Bottoming is not always easy and when working in the porn industry, we don’t always get to choose the time and hour we feel comfortable to have a cock inside us…ouch.

But the secret is in being prepared…..and by that I mean a good DOUBLE DOUCHE with about 45 minutes in-between. The other secret is having a GOOD top, get these right and you’re away.

Nick North

Challenges faced by the bottom during sex

There are a few challenges faced during anal sex. Firstly, is being completely clean so that you are confident enough to really go for it without any little disasters. Again, this goes back to double douches which solves this problem.

Find the position that you find easiest for penetration. I prefer to be on my back or sometimes sit on it then I can be in control.

DOGGY STYLE – I find that is is the most painful, for me anyway. So I leave it to him to get warmed up and well into it before getting on all fours..

Some tips to bottom without pain

The pain is a problem. Unless you are getting fucked everyday all the time, then the muscle relaxes and it becomes easier the more you have. However, if it’s a less frequent part of the sex life, find your safe position and then once it is inside, slowly of course, leave it there for a good few minutes and let the muscle relax. Start slow and save the porn star antics for later in the session, and then you’re away.

You can also use toys to warm you up at the start with a small dildo and work up to your fellas thang.

Some recommended positions

Position wise I think it may be a personal thing, but on your backside and sitting is my most comfortable. And doggy is my most painful, but the most dirty and fun one too…

I hope u enjoy my tips on anal sex……follow me on Twitter @Nicknorthporn

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Nick North

British porn star..Nominated best British stud Prowler porn awards Nominated Best international porn star besanimetonto awards Madrid. Works for MEN.COM ,LUCAS ENT, ALPHAMALES,EUROCREME. Lives in Soho London with my partner porn actor BRUNO FOX.


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