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How to be a great Top


How to be a great Top

I find sex to be one of the most exciting things to enjoy with another person. Sex can be like music, depending on the song itself, it might not be to your taste and that goes with guys. If they say they are top and they have a small dick then it’s like metal, all sound and no performance. Guys that top have a responsibility, you may think you can just fuck someone and be done but you have to make sure the bottom is experiencing it the same way; otherwise the bottom can tighten and turn your pleasure into pain. I have topped and bottomed for guys and there is a whole world of difference in the two. As a top I had to make sure they were not hurting from the thrusts and as a bottom I had to find a way to make it comfortable for me but to also control the tops movement. It’s really difficult but so much fun when you hear them scream whether you are fucking them for entertainment or revenge.

Is foreplay crucial?

Foreplay is not crucial but fun, if they come home looking stressed, always start with a massage because not only do they instantly get naked for you, they can get stress relief from the foreplay and you can find parts of their body that makes them moan with pleasure. Foreplay shouldn’t be too long but can sometimes go too far. Blindfolding can be sexy with them not being able to see what’s coming, but don’t take it too far or the next thing you know, that whip you try to use will be fired back at you. My personal favorite is forbidden sex, going somewhere where sex is not allowed and having fun is definitely the way to go for me, especially when caught.

Lube is helpful..

I always use lube when I top because generally, guys who bottom can be quite tight so it helps alongside rimming them before. Just make sure they are clean before you decide to rim them or you could end up with a Hershey kiss. If they are allergic to lube like some guys, then rimming can be either one or the only alternative to make sure your cock remains attached to your body when you enter that tight hole. Although I think moisturizer, can be a very useful product. Moisturize the edges of the hole. That way, it doesn’t burn on the inside and you can slide in there like that guy has been bottom so much his ass can do the talking for him.

Great Topping positions

Guys have their own preferences, because there’s something good about each. Missionary gives both the ability to watch each other’s reactions. It also allows the top to masturbate the bottom as he strokes. The bottom can urge the top on with his hands on his ass, and if you’re into kissing, it’s good.

Doggy is good for hard fast thrusting, and the top can pull the bottom into him by holding onto his waist. Being on your sides, gives good body contact, and the top can rub the bottoms chest, masturbate him, and play with his nipples, even suck them when the bottom puts his arm around the tops’ back. As far as body contact, the top can put all his weight against the bottom in both mission and doggy. A lot of bottoms love that for both the friction their erection gets (either on the stomach of the top in mission, or against the bed sheets in doggy), and the feeling of submission they get being trapped.

All said, just experiment and try them all. You’ll find you like different parts of different positions, and probably at different times too.

How to relax the Bottom

A bottom is never ready; the only way you can help them is by making sure they are relaxed from the start. Teasing them and allowing them to take a little control can help them settle into the sex, drinking a little can also help. Nothing mad like shots or beer because that will set your stomach to go crazy once you add a cock. Go for a nice glass of wine watered down, that way it doesn’t settle and you have a little confidence (I’m speaking for the bottom to drink, not the top. A top to drink could mean a flaccid sex drive). As a bottom, you must also make sure your legs are close to your stomach, that way your anal experience will hurt less.

Things the Top should note

Tops need to look out for anal cleanliness, if that hole isn’t clean, than safe sex is the option to go. You don’t want your dick to look like you dipped it in the wrong chocolate. If your bottom boy is moaning in the wrong way, make sure you reposition him to help give him just as much pleasure as you are getting from fucking him senseless.

The worst thing you can do is just jam it in. Unless your bottom is like a freeway on a ramp, a slow start is best. I find the best way to start is to slowly slide it in (with plenty of lube). Don’t get creative yet. Just watch and listen to their reaction. It gives them time to relax. It’s at this point that I have learned it’s better to grind rather than fuck. It’s the “in and out” that can be painful in the beginning but grinding slow is hot, passionate and a great way to start.

I am going to be working at Manchester Gay Pride this year so drop by BarBar to see me in my extra special outfit. Sometime this year I will be going to South Africa to do some club appearance and two scenes are set to appear in the next month or two so be on the lookout for them. Other than that I am pretty free so check me out.

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Leo Ocean

I am a novice porn model, who bottoms a lot but loves to top guys that need it. I am practically filth in sugar coating with the added bonus of flexibility. I like to give advice to those that need it.


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