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5 Things to do if your wife only wants to sleep with other men


5 Things to do if your wife only wants to sleep with other men

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This answer below is in response to the question “My wife only has sex with other men and no longer with me. What can I do?

Anna’s* Husband,

Once a couple embarks on an alternative lifestyle, especially one involving cuckoldry, it can be difficult to end or change the situation when one partner becomes dissatisfied with something and the other is not.

It sounds like everything about your marriage evolved over time and in your opinion things have gone too far. The substitution of a chemical castration drug in place of you being locked in a chastity device is one area that makes your circumstances special.

Many women would not want to use a medication to feminize their cuckold and lessen his feelings of jealousy and shame as they fell this is an important part of the dynamic of their hot-wife/cuckold marriage.

Anna* is definitely in a minority group of women who want to specifically transform their cuckold into a feminine role and disable his ability to be a sexual man.

Another interesting aspect of your relationship is that while Anna* feels the need to neuter or castrate you she enjoys the company of domineering men. Your wife must like the way these “real” men treat her – like a sex object.

Now whenever a modern cuckold is totally excluded from his wife’s sexual activities he feels empty and lonely. Most cuckolds must accept being left out of some of their wife’s fun but when he is totally shut-out he begin to lose his connection with his hot-wife and to being a cuckold.

The way I see things you have the following options;

1 – End your marriage with Anna* and stop taking the Depo-Provera treatments. You will then have to accept that Anna* will no longer be a part of your life and move on. Based on what you have agreed to and done so far I assume this is not something you can or would do.

2 – Explain your feelings and ask Anna* if there is a way she would accept changing things. Basically you would have to bargain with your wife to allow you to stop the feminizing treatments. One things that might make this acceptable to Anna* is if she resumed locking you in a chastity device.

Since your member has shrunk so much you should offer to get a penis piercing; either a frenum (the underside of the tip) or a Prince Albert (through the head and urethra). This piercing will then be used to lock a chastity tube over your penis and is one of the most secure options for controlling a submissive man.

These tubes come in different sizes so you can be locked in a very small one for the first month and gradually wider and longer tubes could be used as the level of Depo-Provera in your body drops.

You would need to make it clear to your wife that you would not expect or demand to have sex with her; just an occasionally hand-job or chance to masturbate.

3 – Again explain your feelings to Anna* adding that you really do want to lust after her and feel the humiliation and jealousy of being her cuckold – because you love her so much. You feel the Depo-Provera lessens your sex drive so much that you cannot be a “proper” cuckold and experience/enjoy the angst her being a hot-wife!

4 – Another option would be to bargain with Anna* by asking her if there is anything you can do so she will agree to changing things; like lessening or eliminating the Depo-Provera treatments, allowing you to service her orally after she has been with one of her friends-with-benefits.

5 – Since Anna is such a strict wife who wants to feminize you medically you might suggest that the Depo-Provera be stopped but that you would dress feminine when at home doing your chores.

Now the first option is the “nuclear” and most unpleasant one. Options 2-5 could be used partially and/or in different combinations in a way that Anna* would find to be the most acceptable.

You have a unique situation and I would be happy to respond to further questions.


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Steve is a middle-aged husband and father living in the northern US. By day he works as a technical analyst/project manager for a large company by night he explores the depths of alternative sexual lifestyles - mostly involve female-led relations.


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