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Jenny Ma is one fashionable teacher


Jenny Ma is one fashionable teacher

Having a pretty and fashionable teacher certainly helps perk the class up, and in Jenny Ma, we are pretty sure her students enjoy her presence every minute she is at the board. With an ever changing fashion style and a love for food, we talk to the lovely Jenny to find out more about her.

SimplySxy: Hi Jenny, thank you very much for your time taken to answer our questions on SimplySxy. Can you share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Jenny: 感谢SimplySxy的采访,我很荣幸也很乐意地与大家分享我的故事。我是Jenny Ma,来自马来西亚的美妆部落客,同时也是一名“小学老师”。许多人听到我的职业后都会吓一跳因为大家都自然而然的认为老师就应该是长得规规矩矩、一脸严肃的模样。我想要证明只要你愿意改变并踏出封闭的圈子,放眼看这个世界,任何一个人都能变得时尚、漂亮。

I would like to thank SimplySxy for the featuring me and it is my pleasure to share my story with you. I’m Jenny Ma, a lifestyle beauty blogger and also a “primary school teacher” from Malaysia. It is funny because people are always surprised when they learn about my profession since most people believe that teachers are supposed to look serious and old-fashioned. Well I’m totally the opposite of that! Stepping into the world of blogging, I want to prove that as long as there is a will to change, everyone can be fashionable and beautiful.


SimplySxy: How will you describe your personal fashion style?

Jenny: 我不会为自己的fashion style定型,因为我是个很贪心也很善变的人,我觉得人生在世就那么短短数十年,不应该白白抹杀自己的任何潜能。性感路线、可爱路线、个性路线、气质路线,我都会一一尝试,所以永远也不会有人能模仿“Jenny Ma’s fashion style”,因为Jenny Ma永远都在变。给女孩们的建议是偶尔离开自己的舒服地带,做个小改变,即使是剪个刘海也能给人焕然一新的感觉。

I do not follow a particular fashion style because I am a greedy and temperamental person. But most importantly, I want to try out different styles, whether it is sexy or cute since we only live once and I wish to live to my fullest potential. Hence, no one can imitate “Jenny Ma’s” fashion style because Jenny Ma herself is always changing.


SimplySxy: Can you share some beauty and make up tips with our female readers?

Jenny: 关于这点,我非得要说一个事实,曾听过很多女性朋友说男友都不喜欢自己化妆打扮,认为简简单单素颜就好。请注意这里的“简简单单素颜”正确的翻译是“自然、不浓妆但是看起来很漂亮”,而不是要你诚实的晒出你的黑眼圈、痘痘、粉刺的憔悴残样!总的来说,只要把以上的瑕疵遮掉,简简单单画个眼线、刷上睫毛膏、上点腮红就已经非常的亮眼啦~当然,能的话把自己的脸蛋照顾好、勤敷面膜、定时上美容院护理,这样一来出门只需要搽个防嗮膏就行了。

I have friends who told me that their boyfriends do not like them to put on make-ups, saying they prefer them to look natural. The truth is, what they meant by “natural” is in fact “moderation but still looking pretty”. Showing off dark circles, pimples, blackheads doesn’t make a woman pretty. As long as you conceal your flaws, put on some eyeliners, apply some blushes, you are good to go. Of course it is a plus if you can put in the effort to take care of you skin, for example going to the facial spa routinely, making sure that your skin is always well-conditioned.

SimplySxy: One of the things we like about your blog is the pictures of the amazing food. What is your favourite cuisine and indulgence?

Jenny: 我是个很爱吃的人,要不是为了照顾身材,我可以就这样一直吃吃吃个不停!平常特爱泡咖啡室,喜欢咖啡的醉人香气,让我感觉很放松,一杯香浓的摩卡配一片芝士蛋糕就是我最佳的下午茶时刻。偶尔我也会拉着大伙儿去吃泰式料理,因为我超爱酸辣食物,最爱喝东炎汤!其实我不太能吃辣,所以都是一边哭一边喝,常常都被人说我很变态,有自虐倾向。

Everybody loves food. If it’s not because of the fact that I am dieting, I will definitely be eating non-stop! My “go-to” place is coffee shop because I find the atmosphere relaxing and soothing (probably due to the coffee’s aroma). My favorite tea time combination is a cup of mocha and a slice of cheesecake. Sometimes, I have the urge of eating Thai food because I enjoy spicy and sour food, especially Tom Yum! Having said that, I cannot really withstand the spiciness, hence I am always eating with tears flowing down my cheeks (my friends claim that I am a masochist, haha).


SimplySxy: If you could play one movie character, who will it be?

Jenny: 我会想当Harry Potter,试想想要是这世上真有魔法,魔法学校也真的存在那该是多么神奇和有趣的一件事!无论是求学时期或工作,我的生活总离不开学校,我很清楚明白如今的教育制度是多么地沉闷,即使当上了老师常常被一大堆的paper work和教育大纲限制。如果我是哈利波特能就读在这样的一间魔法学校,相信我的生活一定充满惊喜及多姿多彩!

I wish to be Harry Potter! Working in the educational field, my life is always revolving around going to school and doing all the paper works, which is dull and boring. Imagine the world with magic, going to a school who teaches magic, I am pretty sure it will be fun!


SimplySxy: Can you share with us 3 fun facts about yourself?


  1. 心直口快的傻大姐,不喜欢把心事都闷在心里,说出来后就会忘了,不记仇。对着喜欢的男生,不会像一般女生扭捏捏捏,会敢敢的大声告白,常常会吓死那个男生,哈哈。
  2. 行动派,有什么想法就会马上落实行动,人生苦短,等着等着时间就过了,机会也白白溜走了。
  3. 有矛盾纠结的性格,一般都很开朗,但是偶尔的低潮时期就会陷入忧郁状态,无由来的猛转牛角尖,就连自己也不知道什么原因。
  4. I am an easy going person. I do not like to keep grudges and will speak up whenever I don’t feel comfortable. Whenever I met someone I like, I will take the initiative and confess my love to him (imagine the awkwardness, hahaha)
  5. Action speaks louder than words. Whenever I have something in mind, I will do it because chances are not always there.
  6. Although I am usually in a cheerful mood, once in a while though, I will go through a certain phases of depression with many things going through my mind, without knowing why.

SimplySxy: What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Jenny: 最疯狂的事,应该是在大学时期的生活吧。我的大学位于Kuala Lipis,一个非常偏僻的地方,就像住在森林里那样。在没有internet、没有shopping mall、也没有像在城市里的娱乐下,我们还是可以自娱自乐,半夜以20仙银币撬开音乐室门只为了练习弹琴,爬上山上大水缸看夜景,躺在篮球场整晚看星星……回想起来,那时候还真的什么都敢做!

The craziest thing that I have done should be during my college life. I studied in Kuala Lipis, a very secluded town. It was like living in the forest without internet services or malls. Although it was nothing like living in a big city, we could still find our own entertainment. I remember there was once we broke into the music room using a 20sen coin just to practice on the piano. We had also climbed on a giant water tank just to enjoy the night view. Not to mention lying in the middle of the basketball court, gazing upon the stars…


SimplySxy: It’s been a great pleasure to have you on SimplySxy, Jenny. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Jenny: 我觉得每个人都有属于自己“sexy”的一面。性感并不是只限于表面肤浅的穿着打扮,而是发自内心无可掩盖的流露出来。曾风靡一代的性感女神玛丽莲梦露,你可曾看过她全裸了?许多女孩为了耍性感都脱光了,但是可曾想过“性感”与“色情”只是一线之差?

I believe everyone defines “sexy” differently. For me, I think that sexy can’t be just all about the look. Inner beauty is something we pay attention to too. Many women nowadays try to be “sexy” by posing nudes. But have you ever thought that there is a fine line between sexy and blatant pornography? Once you cross the line, there is no turning back.

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