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Sweetie pie model Yinghui


Sweetie pie model Yinghui

While still only a student, Yinghui has already been modelling at various events in Singapore and gaining the attention of male fans for her sweet look. Here’s your change to learn about her and enjoy her beauty in the pictures below.

SimplySxy:  Hi Yinghui, thank you very much for your time taken to answer our questions on SimplySxy.  Can you share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Yinghui: Hello! I’m from Singapore and I’m currently doing my dip at RP. I believe in astrology! Because I find it pretty accurate hahah. I’m a Virgo by the way!2

SimplySxy:  How will you describe your personal fashion style?

Yinghui: I’ll always go for something sweet and simple. I feel that I can never pull off rock/sexy style.3


SimplySxy: What are some must have items in every girl’s wardrobe?

Yinghui: A dress and a nubra is a must!!! Dress is to go on special dates. And nubra comes in handy when you can see your bra sticking out of your dress or you’re wearing a bare back dress. It is a must for me because it is a major turn off to see your bra sticking out of your clothes 👎


SimplySxy:  Which is one city you will love to visit but have yet to do so? 

Yinghui: Paris! I think It’s every girl’s dream to go there at least once 😁4

SimplySxy:  Do you have any hobbies? 

Yinghui: Oh yes. I did yoga during my free time with my bff! But I rarely have any free time 🙁


SimplySxy:  If you could play any movie character, who will it be?   

Yinghui: Nah. I rather be the one that’s watching the movie 😂


SimplySxy:  What is your idea of a romantic getaway?  

Yinghui: Somewhere that have a clear and clean blue sea water. And there’s a perfect spot without any disturbance and a great view. That would be perfect enough. And definitely a great partner to go with.


SimplySxy: It’s been a great pleasure to have you on SimplySxy, Yinghui. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Yinghui: Confident is sexy.

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Twitter: @twentyoneroses

Yinghua is available for part-time events and can be contacted via email at

Featured image courtesy of Yinghui

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