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ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival: Kumu Hina《希娜老师》


ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival: Kumu Hina《希娜老师》

Kumu Hina
Director: Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson
Country & Year: Hawaii (US), 2014
English with Chinese subtitles

Inspiration. Teacher. Cultural icon. Like her native Hawaii, Hina came up out of the lava, a dynamic spirit and proud native of a land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Hina occupies her own ‘place in the middle’, between kane (male) and wahine (female) and empowers her students to do the same. As a new generation of native Hawaiians embrace their culture and identity, Hina is a conduit through which a lost past may be channeled into a hope for today, and a future that may not be perfect, but which is filled with potential.

导演:迪恩·哈默尔 & 乔·威尔逊


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Image courtesy of ShanghaiPride
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