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Types of women underwear men love


Types of women underwear men love

What is it about women’s underwear that men makes men so obsessed about them? Is it the flirtiness of the thong or the sexy briefs that sets their pulses racing when they catch a glimpse, leaving everything that’s underneath to their horny imagination. We speak to Jay, a panty seller from California on the most popular panties she sells and the special requests she gets.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from?

My name is Jay Peachy and I am from sunny California. I’m a 20 years old female and attend college full time. I started selling my dirty underwear a few months ago because it helps me pay for my student expenses and express myself sexually. I first found out about this business from a man who asked if I would sell the pair I was currently wearing to him. I did not make that sale but later looked to see if it was an actual fetish, and after reading a bit, I fell in love with the idea of males cumming to the smell of my dirty panties. I love pleasing men and this is one more way in which I can do that.


How many panties do you own?

I own a few dozen pairs of underwear and separate every day panties from my stock panties. My everyday underwear tends to be a bit more bland then my stock but sometimes I have customers specifically ask for old, worn panties. I purchase my underwear online and usually buy 10-15 a month to restock. I love getting new packages in all the time, it’s really exciting to open them and try them on right away.


What are the types of women underwear that men love?

The most popular type of underwear I sell are Thongs/G-Strings. They are also my favorite to wear and do photo-sets with because they make me feel super sexy and expose my big ass. My customers have told me that thongs are the best because it has all the scents of ladies juices. Customers also tend to add photo-sets ($10 for 20+ pictures or 15 with a short video clip) to their orders because they are cheap and add to the panty/sock smelling experience.

Briefs and regular type panties are popular with mostly older male customers, they usually like cute patterned pairs too. I have a few foot fetish customers; they tend to love dirty white socks, translucent sexy socks, or knee high socks. The most popular add on for sock orders are for me to exercise in them for at least half an hour. My customers love that I always send a few pictures even if they don’t order an add-set.



Image courtesy of Jay
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Hi, I'm Jay! I'm the new girl on the panty fetish block and I'm already in love with what I do. I have always loved dirty panties. Now I love sharing my dirty panties with others in the panty fetish community.


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