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Is sex more enjoyable without condoms?

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Is sex more enjoyable without condoms?

In the world of penetrative sex, the guiding wisdom follows that safe sex is the best sex. But is sex truly as enjoyable while wearing a prophylactic as when going at it bareback? This contentious issue has resulted in two polarizing camps: those who sing the gospel of suiting up and those who praise the joys of going raw.

Truth is, though, most reading this post will answer the question with a collective “duh.” Little else compares to the elation one experiences from the unadulterated sensation of a moist velvety smooth vaginal, anal, or oral cavity.  No amount of extra-thin latex can produce the same sensation of going bareback. Still, there are too many risks involved with unprotected sex to outright promote the practice.

Nonetheless, sex without a condom is more enjoyable. I know it’s not a socially responsible answer to the question, but it is honest. There are circumstances, however, in which sex with a condom can be more enjoyable than while wearing one. For this reason, I contend that the answer to the question is that it all depends.

Many who promote the use of condoms at all times like to declare that sex is just as enjoyable, if not more so, than unprotected sex. They suggest sexy ways to incorporate condoms into foreplay. These condom proponents will often discuss the many product options available that allow for the same, if not better, sensations as experienced with unprotected sex. I agree that condoms can be incorporated into sex partners’ routines in a way that makes the experience quite enjoyable, but usually that’s due to a state of mind versus the physical sensations.

For the bulk of my extramarital relations, condoms were total boner killers. However, I  once had a lover who recognized the effect the appearance of a rubber had on me and made it an enjoyable experience. She had oral skills that blew my mind. Within her retinue was the ability to slip a condom on me with her mouth without me ever knowing. We eventually stopped using protection, but the first time she slipped me inside her, I alerted her to the fact that I wasn’t wearing protection. She smiled down at me and challenged my assertion. I reached down past her bottom and felt that I did indeed sport packaged wood, but I never felt it go on. The condom was in place, and I continued to rock an achingly hard erection. The fact that she was able to suit me up so effectively only served to heighten the sensations in that round. During our next round, however, I grabbed a condom and attempted to pop it on. No such luck. I instantly limped. Being aware of the use of the condom killed my boner.

The start of the relationship with my most recent lover highlights what a difference the mental aspect plays in regards to the enjoyability of sex with a condom. We started out very responsibly. We never played without protection. I wanted to slide inside her bareback at some time in the future but was in no rush to do so. It got to the point that I began to become aroused at the sight of a condom. Condoms equated to tremendous extramarital sex with my lover. I knew it was only a matter of time before we ditched the condom, but it came quicker than I expected. I actually felt disappointed when we stopped using them. My erections even lost their full rigidity until I got a nice pace going. I still wonder why I had a stronger erection with her while using a condom than without. I inevitably came around and enjoyed bareback sex just as much without a condom as with one. But, how very perplexing it was to find sex more enjoyable with a condom. It certainly gives some credence to the condom-use advocates’ position.

Another group for whom condoms can make sex more enjoyable are the minute men. Here’s a fellow who gets to the point of penetrating his lover, manages a mere half dozen slow thrusts, and then… Pop! Game over. This man is not afforded with a chance to relish the experience and is often left with a feeling of inadequacy. There is a solution: wear a rubber. From my own experience, the staying power that comes from wearing a condom presents an obstacle to me hitting the finish line. For the longest time, I couldn’t cum if I wore a rubber. In this regard and unlike the minute man, this made sex less enjoyable for me. Luckily, I finally found a sweet spot and managed to find fulfillment while wearing protection.

In addition to often resulting in limpness, I’ve found using condoms also destroys spontaneity. I remember starting out bareback with my first lover after my wife and I opened our marriage. It took about a month before something clicked and she began to require me to wear protection. The thing about this lover and me is that we often engaged each other in random locations, and always on a whim. My cock would be granite, her pussy a lake, and the tip of my penis would be poised right at her entrance. Then everything came screeching to a halt as we scrambled for a rubber. By the time we found one and unpackaged it, the heat had faded. Even once I managed to sheathe my sword, and if it managed to stay fully erect, a good portion of the passion had dissolved and it became merely an action, not a celebratory act.

Overall, I will likely always find sex more enjoyable without a condom. It ultimately comes down to the preferences of individuals.

If done correctly and safely, sex with a condom can result in a higher level of intimacy than protected sex. To do so, though, partners must be honest with one another and communicate any hesitations they may have. Also, I highly recommend getting tested prior to entering into a condom-free sex life with your partner(s), with the understanding that testing doesn’t guarantee that you or your partner(s) are free of STIs. Done responsibly, scrapping the condom and going in bare is one of the most enjoyable feelings we as human beings can experience.

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Elton Andersyn

Elton Andersyn is a pansexual middle-aged married male with a penchant for all things sexual. Having been a sex blogger for the past decade, he relishes in exploring a range of topics so wide as to make his views and interests difficult to peg. His self-applied nickname, The Erotic Rogue, winks at his irreverent approach to writing about established sexual paradigms in often outlandish and controversial manners.



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