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For Men! 9 Steps To Give Your Woman A Mind Blowing Full Body Orgasm

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For Men! 9 Steps To Give Your Woman A Mind Blowing Full Body Orgasm

You may have heard about the full body Tantric orgasm in the past and you may have even experienced something like it with your woman, but truly learning to master this skill will put you in a league of your own among men.

Tantra is a sexual Buddhist and Hindu practice that focuses on connecting the mind, body and spirit through sex so we can experience much deeper levels of enjoyment.

There are many benefits that Tantra brings to the table but here I will give you a detailed step-by-step guide for you to give your woman the best orgasm of her life.


The practice of breathing deeply from the pit of your stomach is absolutely essential in Tantra as it stimulates the release of endorphins and nutrients within the body. With your woman laying flat on her back, place your hand on her stomach and ask her to close her eyes and slowly breathe through her mouth into that area of her body. Get her to repeat this process until she is deeply relaxed.


Now move alongside her body and slowly tune in to her rhythm of breathing. She will be able to sense you and feel the warmth as you exhale but avoid her erogenous zones at this stage as we want to build her arousal in layers. Ask her to send her mental focus to where ever she is able to sense you breathing on her body. She is likely to be turned on and distracted so remind her to concentrate and continue breathing through her mouth and into her stomach. Stay close and continue until she yearns for you to touch her.


Now it’s time to gently kiss her entire body from head to toe with a feather-light touch. Whilst still avoiding the erogenous zones watch how she responds to different types of kisses. Alternate between kissing and taking in her scent, all the while making sure she continues to breathe with her eyes closed.


With warm hands, gently begin stroking her body with one finger at a time and pay particular attention to the texture of her skin. Watch her every move and see what areas are the most sensitive. You can combine all three elements of breathing, kissing and stroking her entire body. Ask her to focus her mind on wherever you touch, get her to relax and tune in to the sensation. By now your woman will be super turned on and she’ll be aching for you to touch her erogenous zones so now is the time to turn things up.


This type of exploration can easily go on for 20, 30, 40+ minutes without you even touching her most sensitive regions. She’ll be so turned on that she will be dripping wet and begging you to come inside her but it’s important for you to stay focused.

This is when you position yourself between her legs and move in close enough to her erogenous zones for her to pause with bated breath in anticipation of your touch – but you stop just short of them. Work your way up her inner thighs and across her pelvic bone and long her side, back into the centre of her chest up to her neck. At this point, you may even let out a growl as you hover around her throat like a wild animal about to devour her.

Lick, bite, kiss, stroke and scratch her entire body, come in super close to her areola (the dark area that surrounds her nipples) back down to her belly button and on to the area just above her clit. She will definitely need reminding to continue with her deep breathing and make sure she is still focusing her mind on whichever part of her body that you touch.


Whilst resting between her legs, slowly and gently start to lick around her labia majora (the outside of the vagina lips). Come in close but stay on the outside of her vagina working your way down the thighs and all the way back up to her neck. By this point, she’ll be extremely turned on and pleasantly frustrated, and will really want you inside her but stay focused and keep her on track. The reason why you move back and forth, close and then pull out is to build arousal and anticipation in her mind.

The full body orgasm is a result of learning how to build intense arousal through a deep sexual connection. Imagine her as a dial that you can turn up and down based on how much you stimulate her.

But every time you do, turn up the volume a little bit more and then bring her back. Learn the rhythm of her body and practice taking her to the edge where she can feel the thrill of a man who knows exactly how to please her.


With your woman turned on and swaying back and forth with delight and frustration in equal measure, now is the time to taste her erogenous zones but don’t just dive in. Start at her neck and slowly work your way down, and just when she thinks you’re about to move past her breast area, gently wrap your tongue around her nipple and massage it in your mouth for a short period of time.

Use your tongue and your teeth for different sensations but be gentle as this area is very very sensitive, especially as you would have just spent the last 30-40 minutes or so teasing the life out of her.

Now slowly work your way down towards her vagina but when you get there, pause for a moment, appreciate the gift of her beautiful body and watch as she waits in anticipation of your next move. When you’re ready, gently start to lick and kiss her labia minora (the inside of the vagina lips).

Focus on smooth rhythmic motion and pay attention to how she responds. Lick and kiss other areas of her vagina like her clit and her posterior fourchette (lowest part of the entrance to her vagina). Take time to discover what she responds to most and remember to dial it up and down. The aim is to build her arousal steadily over time so it can intensify.



Your woman will be starting to approach the realm of orgasm but to bring her to this point, you’ll use your fingers. With a single finger, stroke the clitoris in a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion and you can also very gently squeeze it between your thumb and index fingers. The upper left side of the clit is particularly sensitive so pay close attention to how she responds and hold back a bit to build anticipation.

Now slowly insert the tip of your middle finger into her vagina and gently start to explore paying close attention to how she responds. Use a variation of depth, pressure and pace to increase her arousal.

With a finger (or two) facing upwards towards the area of her g-spot at the top of her vagina, slowly stroke your fingers back and forth in a beckoning motion. You can also gently use your tongue to stimulate her clit and place downward pressure with your hand on the top of her vaginal area outside in conjunction with your fingers on the inside stroking her g-spot. Imagine trying to place your fingers on the inside of your palm with her clit in the middle and you’ll get the idea. If she has managed to keep her breathing deep and consistent she’ll be feeling the effects of all the blood stimulating the nerve endings throughout her entire body.

Now is the time to make her orgasm so continue with exactly what you’re doing and encourage her to let go and release whilst she literally breathes orgasmic energy into every part of her body. Don’t speed up or start ramming your finger in like we see in porno movies unless she specifically asks you too. Stay consistent and she should start to feel intense waves of pleasure emanating from her vagina outwards all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes.

As she climaxes keep hitting the same area that gives her the most pleasure. Encourage her to breathe deeper, let go and truly feel the sensation. This is the part where she really shouldn’t give a fuck about the neighbours, tell her to go wild and embrace.

The full body orgasm is just as much about what’s going on in her head, as it is about what’s happening between her legs so remember to communicate with her and stay connected. By this stage, your woman is going to be in her own world and she may very well tell you to shut-the-fuck-up but that’s ok too. It’s her show so do whatever makes her happy.

Note: Many women may take 45 minutes or longer to orgasm so be patient, enjoy pleasuring her and don’t focus on the climax – just let it happen if it happens.


After a mind-bending orgasm like this, don’t just get up and use the bathroom or check your messages on your phone. Spend some time stroking her entire body with your hands in an outward motion from her vagina. Gently massage certain areas and let her feel the strength of your hands as you slowly start to ground her back into reality. This will feel amazing for her and she’ll probably be wondering what the hell just happened because 95% of men would probably have never done anything even close to this.


Now here’s where it really gets interesting because once you learn how to nurture this type of arousal in a woman, you’ll be able to trigger it at will. There’ll come a point when all that’s required to make her wet with heart palpitations is the memory of you whispering in her ear and it won’t make a difference where you are or who’s watching.

Women are fantastically complex and finely tuned creatures of vivid imagination and keen perception. As men, if we take the time to learn how to unlock these secrets of arousal, we’ll be able to teach them how to embrace the sensations buried deep within, and both be able to enjoy the fruits of passion.

Peace and Love,


Article images courtesy of Madison James. Featured image form Pexels Original article republished courtesy of Madison James from

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Madison James

Madison James is a degree educated 37 year old international male escort from London with a keen interest in BDSM, Tantra and massage. He has an aptitude for intellectual conversation, an inquisitive mind and a genuine desire to help women embrace their sexuality one orgasm at a time!


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