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MisKnickers’ Sex Toy Tips – Buying Sex Toys

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MisKnickers’ Sex Toy Tips – Buying Sex Toys

‘But I’ve Never Been To A Sex Shop…’

Since the advent of online shopping, sex toy sales have drastically increased, particularly from female buyers. In terms of anonymity, it’s great; there’s no bumping into another school mum when you buy online. It can also be really useful for replacing toys you already know and love.

However, visiting a sex shop will give you a new perspective on the toys, and your reaction to them. Never been before? Here’s some tips for starting out:

  • Start with one of the larger chain stores that specialise in female visitors. These stores are generally stylish, open­ plan and well­ lit for browsing, with mostly female staff.
  • Be curious. Ask questions. Be ‘wow­ed’. I’ve been working with sex toys for two years now, and just when you think you’ve seen it all there is something new to be amazed by. It’s ok to be dazzled by just how big some of these things are. It’s ok to wonder ‘how the hell does that even work?’ And it’s more than fine to see something you never knew existed and think ‘I must have it’.
  • Touch things. This is something online shopping can never give you. The biggest benefit the sex shop gives is tactility. There are no written measurements that will make as much sense as the summation of your own hands; they know what feels good in them. With weight and ergonomics being such a major part of toy design for females, having a 3­D sensory idea of what may work for you can be invaluable.
  • Take a friend and just go to browse. Don’t put any pressure on buying. If something impresses you, be open to it.

‘I Wanna Buy A Vibe, But There’s Just Too Many!’

The range of vibrators these days is (figuratively) out of hand. Sex shop walls are lined with displays of all kinds of cock in a range of colours, textures, shapes, sizes and magic tricks for your clit. So let me refine this for you a bit…

One word: ‘rechargeable’. Yes, rechargeable toys are revolutionising the industry. There are several product lines who specialise in this technology, and although it costs a bit more, it’s a small price to pay to know your toy will last the journey without a battery changeover mid­way, or any loss of power. The motor isn’t limited by how many batteries the toy can carry so not only can these things GO, they do so in a quiet, efficient manner. Generally, a fully charged toy will run from anywhere between three to fours hours, and can take about the same to recharge. For mine, these are the most aesthetically pleasing vibes;­ sleek curves, smooth contours, zero veins. Don’t even bother looking at battery-operated vibes anymore.

‘What About the “Anal Stuff”?’

The best advice that can ever be given to someone wanting to explore anal play, is start small, go slow, and use lots of lube. On the most basic level, this ensures a greater degree of relaxation which is key to enjoying anal play. The growing numbers of people buying these toys seems to suggest people are finally feeling free of old taboos.

Enthusiasm for something new is fantastic, but leads to the most common mistake first time buyers make; choosing too arduous a toy. It could be size, shape or rigidity, but generally due to a wonderful want of sexual exploration, they try and take on too much. A great place to start is with silicone or jelly anal beads with progressive sizes. Anal beads are relatively inexpensive, and will give you a good idea of the sort of penetration you may like. Remember to partner them with a good quality lubricant that won’t degrade the toy material. Once you’ve got a sense of the size you’re comfortable with, experiments with buttplugs and vibrators can commence.

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MisKnickers is a Melbourne-based writer and educator with over twenty years professional experience. Published in some of Australia's major newspapers and magazines, MisK also spent time as a scriptwriter for both film and television. Her educational know-how is a unique blend of her formal training as a University educator, and her own experience from many years running writing workshops. Several years ago, MisK turned her talent with both words and people toward the sexual, creating (f)Risky Enterprises - a website and business dedicated to celebrating sexuality through words, be it reading, listening, or digital stimulation. ;) As someone who loves variety (identifying as a gender-fluid, pansexual, switch!) MisK's passions are always changing, but her strong sense of justice keeps her committed to the sex-positive movement and striving for sexual and gender equality. She specialises in enabling sexual self-expression, improving communication skills, and inspiring confidence. MisKnickers loves interaction, so please feel free to contact her with any topics of interest, or personal queries.

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