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Who says you cannot be naughty + nice?


Who says you cannot be naughty + nice?

Christmas has descended upon us once again! Amidst the merry making, gift-wrapping and festive cheers, there is still that important question that begs to be answered: Naughty, or nice?

To be frank, what’s the point of segregating the naughty from the nice? Who says you cannot be naughty while, at the same time, be nice? Or vice versa? I am pretty sure that Santa has gotten on with the times and disregarded making those lists and checking them twice.

Let’s start with the simple stuff: how to be nice. There are plenty of examples that you can execute, which automatically fall under the nice list:

  1. Surprise that special someone with a home-cooked meal! If you can’t cook, get their favourite take-outs and fashion it into a presentable meal at home. Alternatively, if you are not into that much work, just reserve a table for two in a place that you can (obviously) afford or go Dutch with.
  2. Get him or her that gift that they have always coveted. But of course, do bear in mind your budget for this season. Don’t skimp on other gifts just to get that something special. Or worse, get yourself into serious debt. Tis the season to be jolly, not to be devoid of money.
  3. If you are up for something altruistic, how about setting aside some time to do voluntary work? Find a cause that resonates strongly with you and give back to society. Spread some Christmas cheer to those less fortunate than us.

Once you are done with the niceties, it’s finally time to put on your sexy Santa outfit – or elf, if you are into that sort of thing – get out there and get some! Depending on what flavour you like, add some spice and mint this festive season:

  1. Inject spicy moves into your bedroom activities. Greet your partner at the door with barely minimal or even nothing on. Blindfold them. Tie their hands and feet together with something silky. Introduce feathers into the foreplay. Get the temperatures rising by alternating with something hot and cold. Some biting action here and there, so long as they are in discrete spots. For the home run, do it anywhere and everywhere apart from the bed.
  2. Suggest going for a long drive across the country. Ride shotgun and give him glimpses of what he will be receiving once you have reached your secluded destination. If you’re the driver, that’s even better! Of course, be mindful of the traffic laws. As what they say in the army: you can do anything, so long as you don’t get caught.
  3. If you are feeling extremely naughty, how about a threesome? That will be the ultimate surprise. It can also be a good gift, if you can’t afford to buy anything this year. If a threesome proves to be a tad too much, get someone to be a voyeur instead – it is not too extreme, yet at the same time still injecting that naughty vibe. However, if you want something even more extreme, then go ahead and find a sex party. Now kids, remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry, so ensure that the gloves are on before the lovin’ can commence.

Mixing up the naughty and the nice this festive season is not a difficult task to execute and achieve. With some sleigh bells jingle-ing and ring ting tingle-ing, now is the time for some (sleigh) ride with your Santa baby, who will be hurrying down that chimney tonight.

Let’s get your Feliz Navidad on!


When asked to describe himself, Timmy finds it hard to do so. In any case, he likens himself to a ball of sunshine and awesomeness, extolling what the Spice Girls have always sang - "all you need is positivity!" Charming with a dash of crazy and plenty of sass, Timmy’s ultimate goal is to be a unique individual with the ability to colour someone’s life, even if it is for a short while.


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