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What It’s Like To Be A Nail Artist


What It’s Like To Be A Nail Artist

My personal views towards beauty and fashion:

This circle called ‘fashion and beauty’ always develops, including how we put our clothes and put our makeup on, how we dress ourselves. People’s views about beauty and fashion are always shifting over time. In the past, they have many or certain standards to be declared beautiful or fashionable. As time goes by, people’s perspectives are changing (the beauty and fashion world evolved very fast). Therefore many new ideas are born, so they begin to accept that beauty and fashion are unique in many ways.

I believe that beauty and fashion trends will continue to expand themselves to be more amazing than then and now.

I think a more expansive world has arrived where ‘we are all beautiful‘ in our own style (if we can rock it well).

What Got Me Started As A Nail Artist

I’m obsessed with nails, nail arts and all things nails from senior high, but not the ‘gel’ nail polish , it’s the basic nail polish. I got my first ‘nail gel’ done during the last semester of college (I took faculty of interior design). I think ‘nail gel’ is amazing, they are really durable, very shiny and beautiful, even just the basic one color gel, or just glitter gel (they are already perfect).

After three times of doing the nail gel, I decided to learn how to make it because it’s hard to achieve the design that I want it to be, because I majored in design and I love art from elementary school, so it’s easier for me when I am studying about nail art or nail design. After learning and studying nail gel for four months, (and finished my college) I started working in an interior design office as an interior designer, at the same time I also started the profession as a nail artist (August 2018).

What I Love About Being A Nail Artist

I love doing nails, exploring many nail designs, and how to make nails to become more beautiful in any shape, even the short ones. I don’t want people to think that short nails are ugly, I want people to know that all forms of nails can be beautiful. I love to treat my customers’ nails, I love seeing them happy to have their nails done. I have joy when I’m doing nails, and I also got lots of friends from being a nail artist.

I learned that small things matter in many ways (in life, even when I decorate my customer nails) , and if you care about your nails, I think you are the people who have high consideration for anything, because you care about nails, even though they are small.

I also can meet a lot of new people. I’ve also made nails for Miss Earth Indonesia 2019 and Putri Pariwisata Indonesia 2019.

Is It Difficult To Be A Nail Artist?

It all depends. You have to be diligent, every time you make nails you need to study their nails, each customer’s nails have their own challenge. You need to practice, so you will get better over time , don’t forget that practice makes you perfect .

Take a few nail classes, so you can upgrade your skills. Look for references too.

Keeping In Touch With Latest Fashion Trends

It’s really important to search for new trends in nails.

In magazines (there are so many nail magazines that teach about nails and discuss the latest trends) or in other alternatives like Pinterest, Instagram, the internet. The change of seasons also influences nail trends. If winter comes, they want their nails to have hand painted snowflakes, or a Christmas vibe on their nails. If spring comes they want flowers, or sakura nails. it all depends. But as a nail artist we can give them ideas, choices or options and which design that suits their nails.

Advice For Aspiring Nail Artists

Don’t be afraid to start new things, just do it 🙂

Do it with heart, it will be reflected in the nails you made. Our work is work that sells a service, so we must have a sincere heart to serve. So we can see the smile of our client and customers.

Do it with joy, and learn from mistakes, keep learning everyday, and learn to always follow the latest trends.

Hi…My name is  Sindy Wijaya, a Nail Artist, an Interior Design from Indonesia, my design is about detail in complexity and abstraction in harmony (in nail design and interior too). I was born on July 7, 1996. I really love design and art (in music, ballet, and drawing / design). I like to read and travel 🙂 .

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Sindy Wijaya

Hi .. My name is Sindy Wijaya, a Nail Artist, an Interior Design from Indonesia, my design is about detail in complexity and abstraction in harmony ( in nail design and interior too ). I was born on July 7, 1996. I really love design and art ( in music , ballet , and drawing / design ). I like to read and travel :) .


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