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4 Masturbation Tips To Try Tonight

Sex Ed

4 Masturbation Tips To Try Tonight

Most experts will tell you that masturbation is an essential part of a healthy sex life. In my opinion, getting yourself off can be just as hot as sex with a partner. I like to think of masturbation as sex with myself. After all, who knows my body better than me? I know just the way I like to be touched and it’s an enthralling experience to focus on nothing but my own pleasure.

Not only does masturbating feel very good, but it also supplies a sexual release and I believe it has other benefits as well. First off, I think it can make you a better lover. When you masturbate you get to know your body better, which improves your sexual experiences in so many ways. Regular self-relief also allows the male to last longer, which allows more time for his partner to achieve climax. Studies show that regular masturbation offers health benefits as well. It’s a great stress reliever, boosts mood by releasing neurochemicals, and strengthens your pelvic wall, which helps prevent incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Now that we’ve reviewed all the reasons you should be masturbating, let’s go over some ways to improve on your overall masturbation experience:

1.  Set The Mood
Before I even pull down my panties, I like to get my mind in it. I turn down the lights and get nice and comfy. I often like to start out by reliving in my head, hot sexual experiences I’ve had or imagine sexual fantasies I’d like to explore in order to get myself going. This is a great opportunity to really let your imagination go wild.  Another great option is watching some good old-fashioned porno to get those juices flowing. This is an especially good alternative for men who tend to be more visual than women. 2

2.  Tease Yourself
My best orgasms come from an unhurried build. I like to start out nice and slow. I don’t go straight for the vajayjay. I like to massage my breasts, knead my thighs, and softly touch my arms and neck. When I finally do reach my clit, I tease myself and build up the intensity and then pull back. I build it up and pull back over and over until I erupt.  It’s a busy world we live in so this approach is not always possible, but if you have the time the slow build is worth the wait!

3.  Sex Toys
I strongly suggest experimenting with different sex toys. My personal favorite is the magic wand or back massager. I wear myself out on a regular basis having orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm with mine. I also suggest the rabbit. It’s a dildo that can rotate and has an attached clitoris massager. You control the intensity and rotation to suit your needs.  Another great choice is a Sybian. I did a few videos with one of these and they are amazing! It’s like a little platform that you mount and it vibrates for great clitoral stimulation. You control the intensity and it comes with various attachments, so you can change up the penetration.

Toys aren’t just for the ladies either. I know many men who enjoy a little anal stimulation with a butt plug or like having their balls massaged by a vibrator. Lots of men have also experienced great pleasure with devices like Fleshlight. There are endless options when it comes to sex toys and everyone’s body is different, so you are really the best judge of what sex toys will be enjoyable to you, and which ones wont. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.3

4.  Get Professional Help
Often times, masturbating alone just wont cut it! If you’re really looking to intensify your self-sex experience I highly recommend exploring the world of web camming. Man or woman, gay or straight there are a variety of performers of various ages, races, body types and genders who can act out your specific fantasy and help get you off.

Another good option is phone sex if you enjoy talking dirty or being talked dirty to.

Use one of my tips or pick your own. Be creative and explore what makes you feel sexy and ultimately pleasured.

Images courtesy of Karen Fisher
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Karen Fisher

Karen Fisher is the ultimate blonde, stacked and curvaceous MILF you wish you lived next door to and could sneak in the back door and go bang. She’s known for her uber hot MILF and interracial scenes for her own site and the biggest studios in adult including SCORE, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Brazzers, Bang Bros, Hustler, Lethal Hardcore, Shane’s World, Elegant Angel and Evil Angel, appeared on dozens of box covers. In 2014, she was nominated for an AVN Award for Hottest MILF. She has graced the pages of Score, and GENT, and the cover and centerfold of Hustler Busty Beauties. Before she became a MILF sensation who starred in over 150 titles, she was a realtor, bartender, cocktail waitress and exotic dancer. She’s a self-described bookworm who loves to travel and even holds a nursing degree. When she’s not on set, you will find her outdoors hiking, skiing, kayaking, or even rafting. Keep up with her on and off screen adventures by following her on @SexyKarenFisher or even sext with her on Sext Panther at


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