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10 Great Reasons to Masturbate

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10 Great Reasons to Masturbate

You might have heard various slang’s for masturbation.  A few come to mind, such as beating the meat; honk the horn; flick the bean; taco time; polish the helmet and shake the snake.  But do you know that there are actually many good reasons to partake in this solo activity? For those who think that only males masturbate, you should know that even females do the deed too, read it here if you haven’t! (It’s true, female masturbation does exist)

We have listed 10 of the many for you to give the next time you get caught masturbating, and no, masturbation doesn’t cause you to go blind.

1.  It feels awesome.

2.  It is self-cultivating and teaches us more about our own body; what turns us on and what doesn’t.  Masturbation helps one identify what our basic sexual needs are and how best to satisfy them.  Tell this to your partner and you have a solid basis for a sizzling sex life.

3.  It helps to release tension and makes us sleep better —a secret sleeping pill without no side-effects!

4.  We learn to separate love from sex.  Being more able to distinguish sex-affairs from love-affairs as we realise having an orgasm doesn’t mean we’re in love.

5.  For those who are single, it prevents you from jumping over walls or sleeping with the person you meet.

6.  It’s totally harmless.  No risk of STDs!  No pregnancy worries!

7.  It has great beauty treatment.  Orgasm improves blood circulation, helps to combat the effects of stress and makes skin glow!

8.  You only have to concentrate purely on your own pleasure and not worry about someone else’s.

9.  The more you masturbate, the more orgasms you’ll be capable of having both with and without your partner.

10. By giving yourself an orgasm, that is true sexual independence.

So what are you waiting for?  Stroke away!!

09 Strokes

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