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Bukkake! Are you ready to ejaculate?


Bukkake! Are you ready to ejaculate?

Ever fantasized about having a bukkake experience with your friends?  Now here’s your chance!  You can do it anywhere and anytime.

Have endless bukkake fun with them in this new exciting and addictive card game! Sure to bring lots of laughter to the table, Bukkake! is a mixture of strategy, luck and sexual innuendos.

The rule of the game is simple, avoid being placed in the middle of the group and ejaculated upon for 15 times or more.  At the beginning, each player draws a Genital card which determines their respective characters and size of your organ.  The Genital cards are ingeniously named, with characters such as Little Micro, Speed Stroker, Thor’s Hammer and Frankfurter.  Each character has its own strength and weakness, with what you have chosen playing a part in the strategy you will adopt going into the game.

GENITAL Thor's Hammer GENITAL Speed Stroker GENITAL Frankfurter GENITALS Little Micro

Every player has 6 cards on hand which are strokes or bonus cards. Hit the required number of strokes on your character card and you’ll be able to ejaculate the corresponding number of times which comes in cute little cum chips. If you are lucky, throw a bonus towel card to wipe off the cum on yourself or an orgasm card to cum immediately without reaching the required number of strokes.

BONUS Condom Card BONUS Towel 09 Strokes

Being a new game, Bukkake! requires a period of familiarisation for every player to know the rules and playing a few rounds to fully understand the different character and bonus cards available. Putting out the character card in the middle of the group takes some getting used to, as with the drawing of cards after each play. However, all these comes naturally once players become familiar with the gameplay.  Be creative by squirting fluids at others when they are ejaculated on or sent out of the game to give it a touch of realism and an added dimension.


Having tried out the game first hand with the team, Bukkake! is an awesome game guaranteed to give everyone a blast of a time (no pun intended). Card games may have diminished in popularity over the last decade but Bukkake! might just be the one to bring back the good old fun days.  Highly recommended!

Find out more about Bukkake! and watch the instructional video at


Images courtesy of Bukkake!

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