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Interview with Mia Li, the new adorkable Asian pornstar


Interview with Mia Li, the new adorkable Asian pornstar

I am Mia Li.  I am a new adorkable Asian pornstar.  My career started in June 2013.  At the onset, I was primarily a cam girl and through that I started shooting porn.  I love shooting both fetish and mainstream porn because of the variety both genres offer.

SimplySxy:  What is your personal view on pornography?

Mia Li:  Pornography is definitely a way for an individual to explore their own sexuality in private before taking it to practice.  I am very happy to contribute to an industry that makes so many individuals feel a little less lonely and a lot more pleasured.  2013-Nov-16 at 09-59-32

SimplySxy:  What were some of the challenges you faced when you started out in the industry?

Mia:  My greatest frustrations lie at the beginning of my career because I got so few shoots.  Although I understood that as a new talent I wouldn’t get very many shoots, it was doubly frustrating because the industry slows down during the summer.

SimplySxy:  What are your views regarding pornography addiction?

Mia:  Pornography addiction is like any other addiction.  The main problem is hedonistic adaptation.  It just takes more and more to get the same pleasurable outcome.  Personally, as long as the addiction doesn’t adversely affect the individual and those around him/her, it’s as manageable as any other addiction.

SimplySxy:  Please share with us one tip for ladies to enjoy anal sex?

Mia:  Dim the lights, put on a glove, and try it solo first.  Find out how you like it on your own before throwing a dick in the mix.

SimplySxy:  What is the ultimate role play for you?

Mia:  I love romantic role plays.  I’ve always wanted to be stranded out in the country with a broken down car only to have a hunky man in flannel come save me.  Open air sex out in an orchard would promptly ensue.  It’s rather apparent that literotica was rather influential for this role play.

2013-Nov-16 at 09-55-39SimplySxy:  Which do you think is the sexiest part of a men’s body?

Mia:  A man’s face.  I love watching expressions dance over a man’s face during sex, frustration, anything really.

SimplySxy:  What is your favourite sex toy?

Mia:  Men trump sex toys any day, but if I had to choose a nice fat headed dildo always does the trick.  Also, Hitachis have been rocking my world recently.

SimplySxy:  Share with us one secret to spice it up in bed with a lover?

Mia:  Don’t be afraid to share fantasies and enacting them.  I have found that the more forthcoming someone is when it comes to pleasure, the easier it is to get off.  Knowledge is power.  Sexy.  Sexy power.

SimplySxy:  What defines a sexy man according to you?

Mia:  Confident, competent, and considerate.  A sexy man is comfortable in his own skin, capable of making a woman feel good, and conscious of his own actions.

SimplySxy:  In your opinion, what can a guy do to give a girl a mind-blowing orgasm?

Mia:  To give a woman a mind-blowing orgasm, take your time.  Sex isn’t a race.  Really get to know a woman’s body and be perceptive to how she reacts to the ways you touch her.  It always helps to ask how to make her feel good.

SimplySxy:  Thanks for your time Mia.  How about one last message from you to all your fans and the SimplySxy readers.

Hey readers!

I can only hope that my scenes make you all feel as good as filming them made me.  Please, please, please feel free to contact me via Twitter @LoveMiaLi because I adore chatting with my fans.

Live long and wank on, darlings!

Images courtesy of Mia Li

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