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Interview with Alex Janjanin, from LA Direct Models


Interview with Alex Janjanin, from LA Direct Models

As part of SimplySxy’s on-going Pornography special feature, we are pleased to have this unique opportunity to interview Alex Janjanin from LA Direct Models.  Alex tells us his favourite move on a girl in bed, which part of a girl he likes the most and his definition of a sexy woman.

SimplySxy:  Where do you feel the current direction the adult industry is heading?

Alex Janjanin:  Personally, I feel like the adult industry is heading in a great direction.  There’s always going to be demand for sex.


SimplySxy:   What are some of the misconceptions people have about the adult industry?

Alex:  I’ve been asked if the adult industry has destroyed my relationship…it definitely hasn’t.  I couldn’t be happier in my relationship since becoming an adult performer!

SimplySxy:  Can you share with us one funny/awkward/embarrassing moment that has happened on set?

Alex:  One of my first times on set, I had forgot about the multiple cameras around me…apparently I kept showing my ass to the camera lol and the camera guy shouted at me “get your ass out of the shot!”  It was embarrassing haha.

SimplySxy:  What is the challenge a male adult star faces as compared to a female star in this industry?

Alex:  I feel as a male performer, it’s a lot harder to get work than it is for a female performer.  You gotta be packing big if you want to be considered lol.

SimplySxy:  What is your favourite porno scenario?

Alex:  My favourite scenario would be me at home chilling, ripping the bong lol when all of a sudden my girlfriend comes through the door with a few of her girl friends, and we have an orgy right there in the living room.

SimplySxy:  What is your favourite move in bed to do on a girl?

Alex:  I love spooning or being behind a woman, grabbing her hair with one hand, and wrapping my other hand around her neck 😉 definitely my fav.

SimplySxy:  What defines a sexy woman according to you?

Alex:  A sexy woman to me is a woman who has her priorities straight, who can hold a conversation with me, and also has a gorgeous booty haha.

SimplySxy:  Which body part of a girl do you like most?

Alex:  I love me a nice ass! 🙂 she can be ugly and flat chested lol as long as she has a nice ass, I’m down!

SimplySxy:  Porn is huge and caters to every taste imaginable.  Is there anything that hasn’t been done or you like to see more of?

Alex:  Honestly, I think the adult industry has covered all the bases for me. Who knows though, I might develop a new fetish in the future that I might want to see.

SimplySxy:  Do you prefer to see your girl spit or swallow?

Alex:  I prefer my girl to swallow every time.

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Images courtesy of Alex Janjanin

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