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Interview with Jessica Grabbit, the adult film starlette


Interview with Jessica Grabbit, the adult film starlette

SimplySxy interviews Jessica Grabbit, as she shares her favourite sexual fantasy and a tip for ladies to enjoy giving oral sex.

SimplySxy: What is your personal view on pornography?

Jessica Grabbit:  I think pornography is very creative.  It combines acting and true to life raw human sexual emotions, making it sinfully delightful to watch and make .  I love it.  It is a definite necessary evil so to speak.

SimplySxy:  With the pornography very easily accessible on the internet, do you think anything should be done to control youths and children from having access to it?

Jessica:  Yes I do.  Stricter laws for people who distribute, advertise, or stream it.  We are a need to know society but some things need to be known at certain ages and not before then.  Did any of you walk in on your parents while they were humping…case in point 🙂


SimplySxy:  How do you think pornography can be useful and healthy in a relationship?

Jessica:  It can keep it very spicy.  I have fans who love to tell me how they f**k, and they f**k often, and porn is usually the common denominator whether they were just chillng out watching and got frisky…or they wanted to act out the scenes… Porn is good for any relationship as long as it established where porn belongs in that relationship.

SimplySxy:  Please share with us one tip for ladies to enjoy giving oral sex?

Jessica:  Relax.  Breath and drink water before you do it.

SimplySxy:  Where is the craziest place you have ever had sex that was nothing to do with filming?

Jessica:  A parking garage.  We were super horny for each other.  So he found a parking garage and f**ked me every which way but loose.  To this day I can’t drive in a parking garage without my pussy getting wet wet wet!!!

SimplySxy:  Which do you think is the sexiest part of your body?

Jessica:  The brain.  I think the sexiest thing someone can do for a person is to inspire them to think a thought they never thought was possible.

SimplySxy:  What is your favourite sex position in bed?

Jessica:  I like to ride the dick.  I’m a definite cowgirl and reverse cowgirl kinda chick .

SimplySxy:  Share with us one secret to spice it up in bed with a lover?

Jessica:  Never forget why you mad him/her your lover in the first place.  Make it more than just a sexual connection.  Make it an emotional one as well.  Give and receive equally.  It’s the little things really that keep sex spicy.

SimplySxy:  What defines a sexy woman according to you?

Jessica:  A confident, motivated, and smart woman.


SimplySxy:  What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

Jessica:  Hands down two guys, one black, one white threesome.  Double penetration. ..ass spanking. ..hard f**king mmmmmmm.. can’t wait to turn that one into a reality.

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