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Fan Submissions: Leases and Lust

Exciting Escapades

Fan Submissions: Leases and Lust

I was looking for an apartment and having no luck, and time was running out. The real estate agents just weren’t showing me what I needed. After going through three brokers, a friend of mine introduced me to a very professional-looking agent who seemed to know her stuff. She wasn’t hard on the eyes, either; she had long hair, an athletic figure, enormous tits, and wore a business suit and glasses. We had a good chat and set up an appointment for some viewings, and she said she’d pick me up in her car.

I was annoyed on the day of the viewings when she texted me and said she was “so hung over” and needed a few more hours to get ready. I wanted to get this over with in the morning, as I had a busy day. Anyway, there wasn’t much I could do, so I just waited. She showed up with all apologies, and an outfit to match. Her tits were popping out and from her hair to the high heels she looked sexy as hell. I started to feel less pissed off pretty quickly.

The apartments she showed me were good, and it didn’t take much time. She was also a bit of a flirt and kept asking if I thought the bed would be big enough. As she was driving me back, we approached the intersection to my street and she turned the wrong way.

Um, I think you made a wrong turn,” I said.

She replied, “You have to go back so soon?

Well, I guess I have time for a drink.”

I was hoping for more than that,” she said.

I was a bit confused here, but she gave me a leading look with her eyes. I figured it was best to let her drive and see what happens.

After a few turns, we ended up at the first apartment we’d looked at, and she coolly motioned me out of the car and to the front door. She opened it with her key and we walked inside.

I started to say “Didn’t we just —,” but she spun around and put one finger over her lips to say “Shhh”. Before I could react, she grabbed me by the shirt and put her soft tongue in my mouth while pressing her hard body up to mine. I’d had a massive hard-on since the conversation in the car, and she unzipped my pants with one hand and began stroking my cock. I unbuttoned her shirt and began sucking the nipples on those huge tits, while she threw off her glasses and pulled me to the bed. “I want you to lick my pussy,” she said. This was definitely a woman who knew what she wanted.

It took a few seconds to get her clothes off, and I was playing with her tits when she pushed my head down to her waist and then to her pussy. It was shaved in a landing-strip style and looked very inviting. “Kiss my pussy, baby” she whispered. I didn’t hesitate, but put my head between her legs and began licking her clit and her pink, juicy pussy lips. I could feel her rolling her head from side to side and her hands in my hair, begging my tongue to go deeper. After a few minutes she pulled off the rest of my clothes and we settled into a reverse 69. I really wanted to put my cock between those firm, bulging breasts, but I wanted to wait. Her pussy tasted good and I wanted to see if my cock liked it too.

She was writhing and moaning, and I didn’t wait for her to say “Fuck me”. I switched around and spread her legs wider. With a smaller girl, I’d have started slow, but with her I just thrust my cock into her dripping pussy and began fucking her hard and fast. She was making a deep moaning sound and I gave her my finger to suck on. Her legs were wrapped around my waist and I was going in deeper and deeper.

I could tell that she was a girl who liked to be on top, so I slid out and laid down. She gladly accepted the invitation, and sat down on my cock while keeping her feet flat on the bed. I played with her tits as she pounded downwards, taking in my whole shaft. She came at least once, but this was a girl who did not get tired, so I just laid back, enjoyed, and kept it hard.

The bedroom had two large mirrors on the walls, and I wanted to see myself fucking her from behind, so I switched places with her and turned her around. She arched her back and gave me the tightest, juiciest looking ass I’ve ever seen. I grabbed each ass-cheek and shoved my cock into her pussy again. I soon moved one of my hands up to her hair and pulled it back, while wetting the other finger in her mouth and sticking it in her asshole. “Do it,” she said. “Do it”. So I took my cock out of that tight, smooth pussy and stuck it into an even tighter hole, holding her slim waist as she rocked back and forth to take me all the way inside.

I finally had to cum, and I hadn’t forgotten those tits. I laid her down and put my cock between her sweating breasts while she licked the head, thrusting back and forth. When she said “Cum on my face,” I couldn’t resist.

My friend who introduced us called me later that day. “Did she show you anything nice?” he asked.

And then some,” I said with a smile.

Have you signed anything?

Yes,” I replied. And I knew just where I’d left my signature.


Andrew Slade is a thirty-something expat who divides his time between China and SouthEast Asia and the West. He’s a man’s man who generally knows what he wants, though he doesn’t mind being surprised. When not working, he enjoys a good glass of whisky and the company of a lady of interest.


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