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It’s the dead of the night with no one around for miles and miles. You’re standing in the middle of a darkened room with absolutely nothing on, alone, barefooted and cold waiting for me to appear.

Your heart is racing out of your chest in anticipation, your warm breath vanishes, and then suddenly you freeze. Something catches your attention, you can sense it moving in closer but you can’t make out what it is. The darkness throws you, even though I’ve taught you to embrace it.

An involuntary shiver shoots through your nerve endings and fizzes around your stomach. You twitch as you feel the cramp and attempt to compose yourself but I’m already behind you.

I suddenly appear behind you with a chill. My fangs sharp, poised, hovering over your neck. Am I fully human or part beast? You question yourself due to my unhinged animalistic nature. I could devour you right here and no one would ever know, and you’d let me.

The room shifts and suddenly you feel the force of gravity pin your body down. You’re on a bed with no end, no sides, stretching into the distance of endless ripples.

I whisper softly in your ear but you’re frozen, although not by fear, but obedience. Instinctively, you submit signaled by the accentuated arch in your back. I can sense how wet you are, I know you want me to fuck you until you pass out. I know you want it all – Don’t you. So fucking say so, tell me.

“I want you in my veins so bad it hurts, Sir”, you say, but you daren’t look me in the eyes. You want me all over you, fucking your mind completely, leaving you never quite the same. The old you is dead, your spirit is unleashed, finally rid of the shackles of judgment. You are now awoken by intense arousal, full of dark lustful power.

Trained in the art of submission, you long for my touch to set you free. Can you feel my mental vibrations gently stroking your clit? Yes, I know you can. I’ve put a spell on you, you can’t resist, can’t say no, you’re completely owned. It’s time to open your mind and soar with me above the limitations of the physical plane.

A featherlike touch caresses the side of your neck and you inhale my essence. You want to feel me, you’re craving the release you’ve been denied for so long. Feel me in you, on you, throughout. Breath, relax and open up your mind. Let my words follow the contours of your body and then take me in.

That’s right, deeper, deeper, deeper still until you can feel me in the depths of your soul.

Your yoni is dripping wet but your body is still, only the exhalation of frustrated tones penetrate the air. I grab you by the neck and squeeze, and squeeze, ever tighter. You second-guess yourself for a moment because you know you’re powerless, unable to resist as my grip tightens around your throat.

Now your oxygen supply is completely cut and your becoming light headed. All the blood rushes to your face. You start to lose consciousness but I bring you back to the light with vengeance. Finally, I allow you to gasp for air. Your bloodshot eyes ping open, and almost instantly you feel the hard sting of my slap on your face. You’ve momentarily forgotten the rules and you’ve allowed yourself to slip.

Then everything stops. You know it’s not acceptable and I require more. Without saying a word I can hear you ask for forgiveness. I caress the side of your face, kiss you softly; you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, do you know that?

“Thank you, Sir, I am what you want me to be”, you tell me, blushing with sexual energy and tension.

Then I take you under, your eyes roll back in your head as gravity takes over again. Can you feel these words gently massaging your clit? Yes, you can, I can see that; but this time it’s even more intense, even more potent.

You can feel me slowly moving around inside your pussy. Stroking your insides up and down with the tip of my finger. Do you like that? Does it feel good? Do you want more?

You release another groan, this time more frustrated than the last. Panting like a cornered gazelle about to be eaten. Good, let it out, give in and let the darkness take over. You’ve lived your whole life never knowing this place even existed. And now look at you, you’re hocked, you want me, you need me; I am your thoughts.

Your body and mind belong to me now, to do with as I please. Shall I let you release your orgasm into the ether? Or should I let it swirl around and round that pretty little head of yours? Hum, what do you want? Tell me…

“I want you Sir” you exhale, laden with anguish. Your feet are moving back and forth, straightening the sheets as you try to control yourself to no avail. You release a teardrop despite your eyes still being closed. I’m on top of you, our warm bodies charged like atoms ready to combust.

Your entire body is now consumed by my energy; we are connected, we are one. My soft words caress every inch of your insides like no one else. I’m so deep inside, all you can do is lie there and tremble. Your mind is racing and you want to cum so badly but you know your orgasm belongs to me. I decide when and how you release, if at all.

Your orgasm feeds my soul, this is why I nurture you so, this is why you are always in a constant state of arousal. And now you are losing control, slow it down baby, slow it down, that’s better, good girl, hold it, breathe in, now exhale through your stomach and let it emanate outwards, down your thighs and all the way to your toes. You’ve never experienced anything like this before but you instinctively know this is how it’s supposed to feel. This is what’s been missing.

You are now levitating, your body is in spasms; I’ve possessed you. You can no longer hold the urge to release and you beg for permission. Again, a hard sting hits the side of your face and you recoil – another tear falls. Don’t fucking speak, I want you to let it completely take over your body, let these words fuck you. Deeper, deeper, deeper still, so deep all you can do is surrender to my voice.

It’s so intense your stomach is weak from the constant muscle cramps. You lose all sense of ‘YOUR’ reality as you enter mine. I’ve sworn a sacred oath to nurture and mould you into the Phoenix you are destined to be. Now rise from the ashes and drench me in your essence. Don’t hold back, let it go, I want it all over me, everywhere, dripping wet with your juices.

As you lay shaking on the bed, I’m left in awe of your pure unfiltered release. You bathe me with cosmic energy potent enough to nourish the world. This is why I nurture you; this is why I invest in you so completely.

This is why I own you.


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By Madison James

Images courtesy of Madison James. Original article republished courtesy of Madison James from

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Madison James

Madison James is a degree educated 37 year old international male escort from London with a keen interest in BDSM, Tantra and massage. He has an aptitude for intellectual conversation, an inquisitive mind and a genuine desire to help women embrace their sexuality one orgasm at a time!


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