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What You Need To Know About Pet Play


What You Need To Know About Pet Play

My interest in the kink and alternative lifestyle started in my teens. The first brush with light BDSM was something that I knew was going to change my life forever. I was introduced to edgeplay at about 17 and from there I really blossomed. I dove into the lifestyle head first and really took the time to learn all the different dynamics, fetishes, and branches of those fetishes that I could. I ended up discovering parts of myself that I didn’t know existed, and although there are multiple layers to my sexuality, petplay has always had a very special role in my life.

What Constitutes Pet Play

Petplay can be a very wide range of things. There is no right or wrong way to go about it really from the side of the pup, kitty, horse, etc. You just find your inner animal and take on those characteristics allowing yourself to be free and live without responsibilities of the day to day human world for a short while (or in some cases for extended time frames).

Quite often the dynamic of petplay will appear in a Dominant/Submissive relationship where the Dominant acts as the owner, trainer, or foster of the pet, and The Submissive takes on the role of the pet itself.

I can only speak for myself but I believe that a majority of the appeal behind petplay is the feeling the pet gets of being entirely protected, loved, and nurtured. The person in the headspace of a pet is able to let go and know that as long as they are following the rules set in place by their owner, that they are able to be 100% carefree. While the appeal for a master (I have been on both sides) is the feeling of pride in the pet and the ability to cater to that need to be comforted and protected. Seeing my pets in good spirits and at peace with themselves means I have done my job as an owner.

Animals Used During Petplay

As prior mentioned, the most common animals used in pet play would be dogs/puppies, cats/kittens, horses, and I have seen cows and pigs . However, it is not limited to those categories. It’s really about finding what you identify with and embracing it.

Typical Pet Play Sessions

Each pet will have their own types of quirks and little cute things they do to get attention from their owner and let the owner know that they are currently in their pet head space. If a session is spontaneous, it will often begin with the pet seeking attention or comfort by using their cues. Each session will be different depending on the Dom and Sub because everyone has their own predetermined boundaries.

As for me, I identify as a pup, so a normal play session will begin with me pushing my head against or nudging my owner/trainer. If we are on the couch I might flip over and let him see I want my belly rubbed, or if he is seated someplace I will approach on my hands and knees in hopes of getting my head petted.

My owner/trainer might ask if I’d like to go for a walk and have me fetch my leash. After my walk (which can be at home, in a fenced yard, or in public) he might stop me by my bowls and let me drink. In this time frame we could also be reviewing my training commands or I could be allowed free play time to just explore the house or outdoors in my pet head space. Eventually sexual acts may occur but they are not the most important aspects of pet play and really slightly unrelated. Arousal comes from being at one with yourself but it has nothing to do with the pet play itself really.

Pet Play Misconceptions

Two of the most harmful misconceptions about petplay that I often see is that:

With normal pet play- we are centering the acts around some sort of bestiality fetish.

With hardcore pet play and dark pet play- That we are centering the acts around animal abuse or animal torture.

Some of the other more mild misconceptions that I see are:

  • If you aren’t collared then you aren’t a proper pet
  • You can’t be a pet if you don’t have the gear/sexy outfits
  • It’s all about humiliation
  • You have to eat animal food (? lol)
  • Its’ all about cats and dogs

Gabby Gray – Tall BBW cam model that specializes in catering to fetishes. Adventurous and open minded.

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Gabby Gray

Tall BBW cam model that specializes in catering to fetishes. Adventurous and open minded.


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