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Why Do So Many Guys Love Sex with BBWs?

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Why Do So Many Guys Love Sex with BBWs?

Our society has been pretty much hostile towards plus-sized people. These people are admonished and body shamed by both men and women of society. However, in a recent study, an astonishing fact came to the fore which almost shocked everyone who is prejudiced against plus-sized women.

Yes, men are enjoying sex with a big and beautiful woman (BBW) more than with normal size or a small size woman. If you are prejudiced against BBWs, then this will make you wonder why men like BBWs more in bed than? What do they bring extra to sex for men to enjoy?

When it comes to BBWs, we only see that they are big and they are not fit. But, if you look at the things very closely, you will realize that they bring certain elements to sex that can make sex more enjoyable to men and a normal size or a small size woman doesn’t have those things. 

Even in the porn industry, you will find that BBWs are among the most popular pornstars in the industry. So, if you are wondering what makes men fall for these big and beautiful women, then in this article, let’s discuss in a detailed way. 

Thrusting is Enjoyable

Yes, when it comes to sexual penetration, you should know that thrusting is the key. However, with a petite woman, thrusting can get a bit rough for the man. However, with a BBW, you can make long and hard thrusts easily and the best thing is, she can take them easily. 

Primitive Instincts

Look, from ancient times, a man is attracted to a woman with a big vagina. And the reason for that is men are looking for the most suitable mate who can bear their child. That is why due to primitive instincts, men are more likely to go after a BBW for sex than to a petite woman. 

More to Love

Due to the extra weight that a BBW carries, a man will find more places in her body to love than in any other woman. Yes, she will have plenty of erogenous parts in her body which will be more enjoyable for men to play with. 

Better Sex Positions

When it comes to trying various sex positions, BBWs are the best because their curvy body will make room for many sex positions easily. That is why when it comes to having anal sex, BBWs can be the best partners you can ever have. 

Mammary Intercourse

One of the things that make BBWs the perfect sexual partner for any man is their big tits. Yes, because of their large boobs, it is easier for a man to have mammary intercourse with them (tit-fuck) and a lot of men love that. 

Confidence is Key

The confidence that BBWs poses is quite addictive. Yes, when you are with a BBW, you will feel confident and empowered. They are not ashamed about their body and thus, any man would feel confident around them. They are also not afraid to try things to improve their sex life

More to Grab

While having sex, men like to grab some of the places in the body of a woman. Well, when it comes to the body of a BBW, a man would get plenty of places to grab on. Therefore, sex with a BBW becomes more pleasurable for a man. 

Amazing to Cuddle

You might think that men are not as much into cuddling as you women are because you haven’t seen many men cuddling in the porn videos on various porn sites. But, in reality, men also love cuddling and to do that with a BBW is more pleasurable than with any other woman. 

Sense of Humour

Without any doubt, BBWs have an amazing sense of humour and when they laugh, they will draw the attention of everyone around them. Their laughs have the power to make you laugh as well and thus, the post-sex time with a BBW is also much more enjoyable for a man. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, when you see the pictures of a nude BBW, you will feel attracted if you are a man. These are the reasons that you have learned in the aforementioned points. So, now you know that having a BBW partner for a man is a dream and being plus-sized is not that bad, after all.

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

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