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How To Impress A Lady On A Date

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How To Impress A Lady On A Date

I think of sex, intimacy and a good date experience kind of like a dance! The gentlemen always ask your permission, they likely introduce themselves and dance at your level. Then of course you get the men who are total show offs and really don’t care about your dance level at all, they grind up against you when it’s not wanted and get too close than what your comfort level is.

There’s dancers that you have a great chemistry with and you get completely swept away. There’s those whom you can dance well with but lack that fire however, you enjoy it just the same because you both share a love for the music and the dance itself. There’s dancers that you feel a constant friction to pull away from or not able to dance as fully, freely or openly as you wish to. There’s some dancers you have that you just can’t wait to be over and then of course there’s some dancers that you just walk away from! There’s dancers you have observed, their mannerisms from afar and politely decline their offer to dance.

So to bring it back to a good date experience I think it all comes down to respect, consent and connection. And just like in a dance, you both have somewhat of a foundation at the least, a connection can be built with almost anyone! As well as being curious and perhaps even playful! A good date experience will feel almost effortless and mutually enjoyable. You lose track of time for a brief moment, your body feels alive, your mind feels engaged and hopefully you share a few laughs! A good date experience always has me smiling at the end of the date and wishing that I see him again soon!

First Date Experience

Gosh I have so much to say about a first date experience…it definitely starts from the beginning upon first correspondence. I love when proper booking protocols are followed and when they read my website/ads/reviews/Twitter feed to get a sense of who Karina Espinosa is. I love when clients engage conversationally, I love when the intimacy flows naturally and when it feels mutual. Never expected, but always appreciated when a client goes out of their way to bring a small gift or drink/food to share or brings you on a social date. It’s so thoughtful and tends to the mood of the date.

And of course some of my best and most memorable dates are the ones with one, two or even a few orgasms! I’ve had orgasms in ways that I never did in my civvie life before being a part of this industry. The fun part of this job is also exploring my own sexuality, so when connection and comfort levels are built over time, I can sometimes be open to what’s outside my norm, of course ymmv. I consider myself fairly ‘vanilla’ when it comes to sex but with time, builds trust and with the right man, I’ve been known to be open to exploring something more than what I consider ‘vanilla’. And of course I have my hard restrictions that will never change. Good date experiences often turn into several amazing date experiences!

How Much Do First Impressions Matter?

First impressions matter the most to me when I feel boundaries are being pushed. When red flags go up for various reasons, if a client did something disrespectful or perhaps we’re just not hitting it off then I will end the date or not see them again. Perhaps I haven’t even met them yet, it’s just through initial contact that I choose not to see them.

Other than those reasons, I don’t put a huge emphasis on first impressions…when you meet someone in this capacity there can be a lot of nervous feelings, so I don’t tend to judge a first impression unless it’s in the latter. Connections build over time and I absolutely love that! As long as my date is respectful, then I’m happy!

Expectations For Guys On Dates

  • Be respectful
  • Be on time and don’t go overtime
  • Give the donation at the beginning of the date
  • Be clean and hygienic
  • Be willing to engage in a conversation and mutual sensual play

Common Mistakes Men Make On Dates

It’s easier to answer this question as a list because yes there are several common mistakes men can make on a date:

  • Do your research and follow proper booking protocols, don’t just say ‘Hi’ etc.
  • Have the donation ready, don’t make the lady ask for it. To be fair, I think sometimes men are just nervous or mind-blown by the beautiful women they have the privilege of seeing, so a little reminder is needed sometimes, but it’s never preferred.
  • Hygiene, of course! Shower…and actually shower please! Common mistake is to fake shower or not use soap? I’m always freshly groomed and showered before a date and I expect the same.
  • I always tell my dates my restrictions before meeting them, so much appreciated when those limits aren’t pushed or asked for again during the session because no means no!
  • I’m not a clockwatcher but I try to give a time reminder. Being mindful of the time is so important! Also…don’t be late!
  • Fetishes: I get asked all the time if I’m fetish-friendly. Please share what your fetish is because oftentimes what some consider a fetish I just consider being completely affectionate and intimate. If it’s a fetish I don’t cater to, I will let you know.
  • Accept a compliment! On occasion I will compliment my date and sometimes I’m received by comments like ‘yeah right’ etc. It can be hard accepting a compliment, but if I give you one, believe me it’s genuine!

I’ll leave it there, I think a whole article could be written on this question alone!

Can There Be Too Much Flirting On A Date?

I love flirting! I would say I flirt more so with my body by being affectionate, touching and kissing, I absolutely love kissing! I love aspects of both shorter and longer dates. I would say that more flirting happens on longer dates. During a longer date, as we are getting to know each other more I’m usually straddling my date on the couch, playing with their hair, lightly massaging/caressing them, slowing undoing their shirt buttons, maybe moving my hips around on them all the while having a light conversation getting to know one another! It’s like a flirting foreplay and I love that part of the date!

I also love social dates, whether it be an activity or a meal there’s just so much buildup, sharing food, sipping wine, getting to know more about each other and also thinking about ripping each others clothes off later and exploring each other more intimately! No, I wouldn’t say there could be ‘too much’ flirting, I see it as a type of passionate foreplay that’s happening as soon as the date starts to when it ends.

Experiencing Awkward & Bad Dates

Yes, I’ve had many awkward and bad date experiences. I’ve asked dates to leave for various reasons as well as blacklisted others from ever seeing me again. I’ve thankfully never been in any dangerous situations or been harmed in any way physically. I’ve had dates eventually become obsessive to the point where its alarming and they are obviously blacklisted. I also had one crazy stalker, thankfully not a problem anymore. In these situations, I’m so thankful to have a police force that is supportive of sex workers here in Vancouver, at least that’s been my experience so far! Minor awkward and bad date experiences I won’t share as they may come across this article!

Impress a lady by being one of those exceptional gentlemen kind of dancers and experience the unique and special kind of intimacy that only this industry can bring.  Thank you so much to SimplySxy for asking me to feature on this topic, what a privilege! And thank you to the readers for seeing what I have to say! I quite enjoyed crafting my thoughts for this article!

Karina Espinosa -Vancouver’s Latina Sweetheart. She is an independent & well-reviewed Companion based in Vancouver, BC.

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Karina Espinosa

Vancouver’s Latina Sweetheart. She is an independent & well-reviewed Companion based in Vancouver, BC.


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