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How To Enjoy Anal Sex With Your Partner II

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How To Enjoy Anal Sex With Your Partner II

Preparation Before Anal Sex

Some people use enemas to clean their rectum beforehand, and that’s okay if you want to try it. That way you can eliminate any messy situations. But mostly you can approach anal sex without any cleaning beforehand. Just make sure you don’t feel the need to poop or you don’t have any digestive problems like diarrhea. Be prepared with tissues and lay down a towel underneath you if you don’t want to ruin any fancy sheets or your mattress. Eventually some poop will probably come out if you practice regular anal sex, but don’t let it ruin the moment. Just proceed with cleaning that mess up and carry on if you both still feel like having sex. If her or his ass starts to hurt or burn stop immediately. You can still proceed with something that usually gets you to orgasm, but leave your butt alone for the day.

As stated above, a lot of preparation is needed before you can stick it in. So start really slow! If she/he never had anything inside their butt you really need to take it easy. First, just stick one well lubricated finger in just to the first knuckle. And keep it there for a while without moving at all. Ask her/him how it feels, and when she/he says it doesn’t hurt at all or it even feels good you can stick your finger in slowly to the next knuckle. It’s even better if you buy a small anal toy. You can buy a set of different sizes anal toys. Toys are the best way to warm up your butt before actual anal sex. But if you are just getting started, fingers will do just fine. Be careful when you try to stick the second finger in, that can hurt a lot if you start to get careless. And trim your finger nails! Nothing hurts more than a sharp fingernail scraping inside you. If you don’t want to trim your long fingernails you can put on a condom on your fingers, that way you won’t do any harm to your partner.

About condoms, there are a lot of condoms you can buy and most aren’t that good (at least for us). This will wary from person to person, so if you use them a lot, buy a set of different ones and stick to the one that you like most. Stay away from the dotted/ribbed or flavor ones, as they tend to irritate you. Unless you are a fan of those, than that’s fine. But anal sex is best when you have a smooth surface.

Lubricant is one really important factor with anal sex. We tried out a lot of lubricants before we finally found one that suits both of us. The lubricant that we like to use the most for anal sex is cum lube. It’s thick and does not lose any lubrication over time and it looks like cum and that gets us even more horny. A lubricant that is great for casual sex will probably not work for anal. Your butt absorbs more fluid that the vagina does, so silicone lubricants are more suitable for anal sex, as they don’t lose lubrication over time. And that is really important, you butt needs a lot of lubrication when having anal sex. So keep trying out new lubricants, if you don’t like a certain one use it for hand jobs or foot jobs, whatever floats your horny boat J When you use silicone toys don’t use silicone lube! It can eat away at your toys and it will not feel good inside you. Glass toys are the best ones to use. They are smooth and firm. And relatively cheap. So if you are intending to buy anal toys. We really recommend using glass toys.

Now the actual anal sex part!

When her/his ass is all warmed with the toy that is roughly the size as your penis, only then can you penetrate her/him. And again, take it slow! Just the tip at first, and communicate with her/him, only when it feels good for her/him, stick it in deeper. And no movement yet! Just stick it in and leave it there. If it starts getting soft don’t worry. It’s sometimes even better if it’s a bit soft! The butt will get used to you penis way quicker if you don’t move too much too fast. After like 5 or even maybe 10 minutes you can start to have your way with that ass you took all of that time to warm up. So have your way with her/hm. Fuck her/him good because she/he deserves it!

Best Positions For Anal

Now this one is totally up to you. The positions you like will work the best. But stick to the ones that will relax you the most. Don’t use some exotic porn positions if you don’t feel comfortable doing them. Porn positions are used on film because the producers need as good a shot they can get. Usually they are not good at all, trust us, we have tried them.

We prefer doggy style, because she can relax and he can be as comfortable as he can be. Sometimes it takes a while before the penis will actually go in, because you can’t rush it, you need to be as relaxed as possible, just like her. So we suggest doggy or missionary. When you attempt missionary, put a few pillows under her butt, so it will be easier to penetrate her at a better angle.

What we most often do is we start in the doggy style position because it’s the easiest position to stick it in and then after it’s comfortably in we slowly change positions to where we both lay down.

Tips For Those Who Have Never Tried Anal

Don’t be too afraid to try it out. Relax and breathe deeply. Keep that in mind at all times. If you get tense it will start to hurt, because your butt will start to contract. Sure it might hurt a little bit but casual sex hurts as well from time to time right? It’s a bit taboo and people might have different opinions about it but don’t be discouraged if your friend or someone you know is telling you not to try it because of their bad experience or their prejudices. Think with your own head and act upon your own fantasies. You only live once so you need to make the best of it! Don’t be the man or woman that lives with regret. Act upon your dreams and goals with your mind, and you will live a happier life. If we didn’t tell each other about our fetishes we would not have all of that fun we are having now! And we have some weird ones. In the beginning it was hard to mention even the less kinky ones, yet alone breath play or mummification for example. We both had some bad experiences with previous partners, that’s why it was so difficult speaking out about our kinks. So communication is really important. So tell your partner you want to try something, if she or he really loves you, they will at least try it with you.

If you start having regular anal sex don’t overdo it. Your butt needs to rest and you need to take care of it because you might not be able to repair the damage that has been done. It’s up to you to judge when you had enough, we usually have it once per week but that might depend on your partner. We know there can be too much anal sex, he had anal sex pretty much every day for a couple of months and it took almost the same amount of time to get his butt back to normal (thankfully).

Don’t be afraid to tell your partner if anything hurts. Frequently ask your partner if everything is okay. Maybe in the beginning it might feel like you’re losing being in the moment but over time it will be part of the whole thing. We still ask each other all the time if everything is okay, we don’t want to hurt each other and it’s always good to hear that you are doing an amazing job.

Hello! We are Evil Kitties, we are a bisexual couple (She 35, he 25) of European decent and we started making amateur porn videos just a couple of months ago. We love anything kinky and we like to try out new things. We like to keep an open mind and have a lot of different fetishes. We don’t film porn, we are just doing what we love, and basically we make love on camera because it’s fun and exciting!

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Evil Kitties

Hello! We are Evil Kitties, we are a bisexual couple (She 35, he 25) of European decent and we started making amateur porn videos just a couple of months ago. We love anything kinky and we like to try out new things. We like to keep an open mind and have a lot of different fetishes. We don’t film porn, we are just doing what we love, and basically we make love on camera because it’s fun and exciting!


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