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Kinking Sex Up Through Sex Toys

Sex Ed

Kinking Sex Up Through Sex Toys

I see sex as an activity that adults can do. Just as kids when they play in the playground. I learned and lost my virginity at the age of 14 and it all started from there. Having sex is fun, having sex with your lover is even better. People confuse sex with love and I’ve heard so many times, “How can you have sex with someone if you don’t love them?” Well that’s easy, like I said, love is not sex and sex is not love. Sex is just an adult activity.

Why I Love Using Sex Toys During Sex

I am a curious individual to begin with, so I like using and trying new toys. I like to use toys during sex because it makes me feel sexy, a confident sexy woman that is not afraid to use toys. By the way, toys can make me squirt.

Favorite Sex Toys I Love To Use

I have several toys but the one that gets me off is just a typical basic pink vibrator LOL. I am a tough one to crack, just ask my significant other. Even after having lost my virginity and just being a sexual individual, I didn’t have my first orgasm until the age of 19.

The one toy that I do really like and it’s hard to come across is the celebrator. I had this particular client that kept insisting that this one toy worked wonders, so I gave it a try and oh my, it felt really good. It looks exactly like a toothbrush, so if you can find me one or several send them my way LOL.

Tips For First Time Users

Keep an open mind, don’t be embarrassed, majority of us use toys. I used to be embarrassed having to go into the store and by panties. Of course I grew out of it. Now you may say, “Well panties is different compared to toys.”

Well yes, you have a point, but as you see, we all get embarrassed so it is totally normal to try toys. If you try one and don’t like it, that’s ok, there are more toys out there.

How To Kink Things Up Further

There are many ways to kink and spice things up. Outfits are my to go to. Wearing your lingerie under your clothes without your significant other not knowing. Going out to dinner, movies…..then slowly start removing your clothes and bamm, your lover is impressed LOL. Flirting and teasing is a must for me. It’s part of my personality.

Another thing is that I watch and go to swinger events. This is not for everyone, it is for me. Being in a room where people are enjoying each other is such a turn on. Once I’m home, it’s on, steamy hot sex replaying in my head up until I orgasm.

Do’s & Don’t When Using Sex Toys

Do have fun and explore. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend, who knows they might be using the toys that you are interested in. You can also use the internet and find ways to use certain toys. The internet has everything you may need to find.

Don’t force anything, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, then it’s ether not the right toy for you and/or you didn’t add enough lube. It’s never enough lube, lube it up LOL.

Cee Mia – I’m a total natural beauty. I wear minimal makeup and I just like to have fun. Can you tell?

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Cee Mia

I'm a total natural beauty. I wear minimal makeup and I just like to have fun. Can you tell?


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