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How to Have Anal Sex That Both Partners Can Enjoy

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How to Have Anal Sex That Both Partners Can Enjoy

Anal sex doesn’t have to be a struggle if you know what to do when getting the job done. You and your partner can utilize some simple tips to help both of you enjoy sex the right way. These aren’t tough to figure, plus they will enhance your enjoyment when you’re having anal sex.

Ask For Anal the Right Way

The first part of enjoying anal sex takes place before you start the work. Both people should feel comfortable when planning anal sex.

There are a few things you can do when planning anal sex:

  • Share whatever fantasies you have with your partner. You’ll have an easier shot at enjoying anal if you and your partner feel great about these thoughts.
  • Talk about it outside of your bedroom. Asking about anal while in the bedroom can add more pressure to the situation.
  • Don’t force anyone into anything. Having anal sex is about taking one’s time. Let you and your partner feel ready for anal at the right time.
  • Discuss how far you’re going to go with anal. Talk about whatever things you’re going to stick up there, or what you’re comfortable with getting when it’s your turn to be on the receiving end.

Get Comfortable At the Start

Anal sex can be painful if you don’t prepare well enough. The nerve endings around the anal area can be sensitive. You can use your fingers to review your partner’s anal region and to get used to the area. You can also feel more comfortable with the space when you look around at the start.

Start Slow

Don’t rush your way into anal. Start things slowly and keep moving from there. You can use a few steps:

  • Starting with the finger is best, as you’re not going too far.
  • Anal beads may work if they’re sized well enough.
  • A butt plug is always useful if you want something to fit in there for a bit longer.
  • You can eventually move on to a strap-on or a penis when you’re comfortable and you’re familiar with the area.

Can a Vibrating Tool Work?

A vibrating tool may help if you’re trying to produce some great sensations. A vibrator tool or a prostate stimulator may help well. A vibrator can ease anyone and can relax the butt muscles, making anal a little easier to enjoy.

Lube Makes a Difference

Lube is about more than lubricating a space. It is also about making it easier for the anal region to feel stimulated. A water and silicone-based lube is ideal for providing extra help in stimulating the space. It can also help move things in and out of the area without anything sticking or otherwise not fitting well.

Keep a Good Space

Planning a comfortable spot for sex is always worthwhile. You can use many steps to help you prepare a place for anal sex you and your partner will enjoy:

  • Proper lighting helps, as it lets you see where you’re going when you start conducting anal. But don’t make the light too intense.
  • Keep the space for anal sex narrow. A narrow platform is ideal, as it gives one person space to spread one’s legs when engaging in anal sex.
  • You can use a sex chair to position your partner in a comfortable position for anal sex. Adult furniture products like a sex couch can feature a curve that produces a better angle for penetration.
  • Any surface you utilize should be comfortable for both parties. A soft cotton or velvet layout may work, especially if you’re using a sex couch.

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