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Top 5 Foreplay Techniques You Should Know

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Top 5 Foreplay Techniques You Should Know

The foreplay is important for both partners, no matter what you might have read or heard. You should never skip the foreplay part, as it can help both you and your partner become more excited. If you will use the right foreplay techniques, you will be able to enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience.

You can both reach Nirvana or orgasmic bliss, using a couple of the techniques presented below. Just keep on reading and discover how you can turn your partner’s head around, making him/her explode with pleasure and satisfaction.

#1 Sexual tension buildup

You should never disregard the importance of foreplay, as this part can really make a difference between a satisfying sexual experience and one you would rather forget. A great foreplay that you should consider giving a try is based on the buildup of sexual tension.

Very few people take into consideration how arousing sexual tension can actually be. This is because it does not necessarily have a physical effect but it rather influences our minds. When you appeal to a number of careful steps, you will definitely manage to increase the sexual tension and prepare yourself for a hot night in the bedroom.

These are some of the things you can do, in order to build up the sexual tension and even get rid of some of the most common male sexual disorders (arousal present, reduced risk of erectile dysfunction):

Naughty text messages

Build up the scenario for a hot night in the bedroom with naughty text messages

Make sure that you explain the scenario with juicy details, so that you raise the level of excitement

Do not be afraid to use dirty words, as long as you are tasteful and arousing

Teasing comments

If you are in a place in which intercourse is not possible, you can try a few teasing comments

These comments should be softly whispered in your partner’s ear, as your sensual voice will definitely contribute to the arousing experience

Gentle touches

Gentle touches can be easily used to increase the sexual tension, especially if you concentrate on erogenous areas.

#2 Oral sex

When we think about foreplay, we generally consider kissing, caressing and touching our partners as main activities. But what about oral sex? This is not only a crucial skill to possess in the bedroom but one of the best choices for a hot foreplay. It can even help those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction; however, if you are looking for a little bit more help, you should consider taking special supplements. It is recommended to read Virectin reviews, in order to decide whether this is the right supplement for you or not.

Returning to oral sex, these are the main things you should remember:

Oral sex is about intimacy and wanting to satisfy your partner, so you should give it all ‑ use your hands and your mouth, making sure that you are arousing your partner the right way

For men, the combination of oral pleasure and tactile touch is the best; keep in mind that the hands will create a different sensation than the mouth but you should never resume solely to the hand action

Women love oral sex just as much, especially when their partner uses different motions and techniques; however, you should always pay attention to your partner and her requests. If there are things that she suggests, do not be afraid to put them into action. On the other hand, if she says that she is not comfortable with certain actions, respect her wishes.

You can offer more pleasure to your partner by using sex toys, so do not hesitate to give those a try. There are sex toys especially designed for oral pleasure, both for men and women.

#3 Slow rhythm

Sexual intercourse is one of the most satisfying experiences we are able to experience, especially at the beginning of a relationship. No matter how tempting it might be to engage in a heated sexual encounter, a slower rhythm might have more advantages to offer. You can hold back and ask your partner to go slow, as this will guarantee a more satisfying experience overall.

These are some of the measures you can take, in order to slow down when things become heated:

Touch your partner over his/her clothes, moving at a slow pace and using sensual touches

Rubbing, caressing and groping are more than allowed, as they intensity the sexual pleasure and excitement

You can massage your partner and explore his/her most erogenous areas, maintaining a soft and steady rhythm

Grabbing and pinching are also allowed, especially if you are looking for things to become more interesting

You can move up and down your partner’s body, making sure that your intimate areas touch and that the sexual pleasure intensifies at a nice pace

Pull your partner close to you and kiss him/her as passionately as you possibly can; use your hands to caress and explore his/her body.

Open communication is very important in a relationship. Sometimes, your partner might want to move at a different rhythm other than the one you are comfortable with. In this situation, it is essential to communicate your feelings to your partner and ensure that you are both feeling alright with the current experience.

#4 Kissing

A wise person once said that kissing is the most intimate experience two people can share, sometimes even more intimate than sex. However, when it comes to foreplay, you can transform kissing into something truly amazing. Do not hesitate to kiss your partner and not just on the lips. While you might think that kissing is not that interesting, your partner will probably share a different opinion.

Why should you consider kissing as part of the foreplay? This is why:

Kissing can replace the tactile touch and guarantee an arousal of the partner, especially if you will concentrate on erogenous or sensitive areas (back of the neck, ear lobes and so on)

You can use your lips to kiss your partner on his/her entire body ‑ this will ensure the slowly buildup for the sexual tension and an incredible arousal on both parts

When you will reach the genital area, you can use your lips as part of the oral experience; surprise your partner with a little bit of action and this will definitely get things heated between the two of you

Men love kissing just as much as women, so do not make the assumption your partner is not interested in this experience; kiss his entire body, concentrating on the most sensitive areas.

Once again, it is important to communicate with your partner and make sure that you are well-aware of his/her erogenous zones. Sometimes, you might be surprised to discover the most sensitive areas of your partner.

#5 Domination

When it comes to sex, we all like to be dominated (at least once in a while). By taking control in the bedroom, you will present yourself in a new light in front of your partner. Do not make the mistake of thinking that only men are supposed to be dominant in bed; as a woman, you are just as much entitled to take control and enjoy this new perspective. Moreover, there are a lot of men who are genuinely aroused when their partner takes control in bed.

These are some of the steps you can take, in order to dominate your partner in the bedroom and enjoy a satisfying sexual experience:

Push him/her gently onto the bed and stating your intentions with precision and clarity

Being on top ‑ this is a clear position of dominance and one that many men would like to try out with their partners

Tell your partner what he/she should do; place small commands and ensure that he/she follows. You can ask him/her to take his/her clothes off, strip naked or dance to your favorite song

You can use sexual toys that are specifically designed for dominance or handcuffs; what matters is that you take things to a whole new level and enjoy the time spent together in the bedroom.

While dominance can be a fun experience, it is essential that both partners are in agreement with what will happen in the bedroom. It is for the best to discuss about any limits you might want to impose and respect these whenever the case might be.

Final note

If you want to satisfy your partner, you should work to ensure that the foreplay is fun and exciting at the same time. You can use some of these techniques presented in the paragraphs above, discovering your partner from a completely new perspective. It is also essential that you discuss with your partner about his/her interests; when you incorporate the partner’s wishes into the picture, things will become even more interesting. And, remember, it is always fun to try something new.


Ben Arnold – Ben Arnold is a freelance writer and health advisor. He also does PR for Consumer Health Digest and Performance Insiders. In his free time, he loves to read books and enjoy soft music. You can Follow him on Facebook and Linked-In.




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Ben Arnold

Ben Arnold is a freelance writer and a health and beauty adviser. He has been giving beauty and fitness advice to thousands of people all around the globe. Through his advanced studies, he has gain enormous experience in nutrition and healthy diet. His articles have a source on personal and practical experience. Apart from health, he likes reading books and listening music in free time. You can follow him on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Pinterest


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