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5 Ways to Spice up Sex!

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5 Ways to Spice up Sex!

Every relationship hits that rut where sex becomes routine and you perform like you’re on autopilot. Gone is the frenetic love making that used to be where clothes would be ripped off and sex would happen spontaneously. Nowadays, you’re having sex every Sunday or, God forbid, every first Friday of the month. The opportunities are fewer and farther in between. You love your husband, boyfriend, or long-time lover and couldn’t imagine a life without this person, but the bedroom antics have gotten stale and predictable. It’s time to jazz it up, add some spice, and bring back sexy in your relationship. Follow one, or all, of the suggestions below and you’ll be glowing in no time:


  1. Make homemade fun and creative coupons that can be earned and redeemed by your lover. For instance, if he does something sweet or accomplishes a task hand him a coupon that offers an, “30 minute full body massage”, “sex anywhere he wants”, or “the ultimate blowjob.” This will add spontaneity into your sex life that was previously lacking.
  2. Invest in some sexy lingerie. It’s a known fact that men are visual creatures and are easily stimulated by what they see. Put your nappy sweatpants and stained college t-shirt in the hamper for the night and out of sight. Instead, couch your breasts in a lacy ensemble leaving nothing to the imagination. The element of surprise as you walk into the bedroom will add some cinnamon to your vanilla lifestyle.
  3. Pick up the Kamasutra and learn some new, sexy positions to introduce into the love play. Trust me, there’s more than just your commonplace missionary, doggy style, or reverse cowgirl. I’ve tried a few and discovered new ways to climax with my partner. My personal favorite positions learned from the bible of sex is the Rowing Boat and the Star. Check it out and I guarantee it will be like having sex for the first time with your lover.
  4. Introduce some adult toys. Using a dildo on yourself also works as great foreplay for all the heavy stuff as your man sits back and watches as you pleasure yourself, before he takes over. A little buzzing from a vibrator can titillate you and your man and can be used while having sex with some simulation to the clitoris.
  5. The couple that porns together, stays together. Pick up a sexy adult DVD to watch with your lover. This is 110% guaranteed to spice up your sex life to another stratosphere and it’s a surefire way to get out of a rut. There is a wide selection of porn for couples, so go ahead and pick a few. You won’t regret it. The only thing you may regret is not doing this sooner.


These five easy tips will add the perfect ingredient to your stagnant love life. Whether you’re following one suggestion or several or all at one time, this will create the much needed momentum, excitement, and creativity into your bedroom.


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Kris Honeywell

Prior to finding his hidden talent for writing, Kris successfully started his own company called, Adult Force One (, a successful adults only website that sells cheap adult DVDs and sex toys for men, women, and couples to enjoy. An avid follower of the porn industry and a devout sex enthusiast, Kris Honeywell now also writes about all things sex related in the hopes of inspiring, educating, and entertaining his readers. Kris has smoothly segued from business entrepreneur to penning articles regarding trends in the porn industry and other topics that include advice and tips on how to live a fulfilling and well-rounded life. Based on his vast sexual escapades and numerous relationship experiences and those of his inner circles’, Kris writes with a raw and refreshing honesty for multiple outlets, including his own blog featured at


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