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Gorgeous Singapore nude model Cheryl Choe


Gorgeous Singapore nude model Cheryl Choe

Confident, sexy and perfectly at ease with her body, Chery Choe hails from the sunny island of Singapore.  We talk to her about being a nude model, the stories behind her tattoos and find out her favourite drink of choice.

SimplySxy: Hi Cheryl, it’s a pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy. Can you tell us a little about yourself and where you’re from.

Cheryl: Hi! Im Cheryl, turning 25 this October. I’m from Singapore. I went to Perth, Australia for two and a half years ago for studies and just got back recently in January. I love music, art, fishing and I’m a bartender.


SimplySxy: How did you begin into modelling?

Cheryl: I guess it’s almost every girls dream to be a model. I remembered when I was 18, my girlfriend and I were trying to find some opportunities online and chanced upon this studio and they hired new models and trained them so they could hire them for their photography workshop. That’s how I got into it.


SimplySxy: You do nude modelling as part of your repertoire.  What do you like most about it?

Cheryl: I believe that the human body is such a beautiful thing/object. Nude photography is something so simple yet so amazing. There’s no heavy makeup, or designer dresses on that body but still it’s able to bring out such an elegant feel. Doing nude modelling makes me believe that a naked body doesn’t mean being a sex object. Photographers that shoot nude models couldn’t least care about that sex appeal, all they want is to capture that beautiful moment. Also, it definitely pays well 😛


SimplySxy: Being in Singapore, which is still a largely conservative society, how was the reaction like from those who know you when you started nude modelling? 

Cheryl: Most people are very supportive and they see nothing wrong with it, whereas some people think that I strip for money and refer to me as “cheapskate”. Until today, I still receive random messages here and there calling me a slut.


SimplySxy: What is the sexiest part of your body?

Cheryl: I don’t think I’m sexy in the first place but if I were to choose, I would say, my legs? They are not too flabby. If only they were longer though. Haha.


SimplySxy: You have a few amazing tattoos which we love! Which is your favourite and what is the story behind it?

Cheryl: I have 3 tattoos at the moment. My back tattoo has roman numerals of my dad, mum and sister’s birthdays. My arm has a snake and dragon as mum’s born in the year of snake and dad’s born in the year of the dragon. The smallest tattoo I have is on the left side of my rib, it says “love thyself” but in a mirrored version. So only I can see it spelled right if I stand in front of the mirror. I got it last year after a breakup. The story behind it was because I had a rough time in 2014 back in Perth, I was down with mild depression, stressed over work, school, health and relationship and everything in general. I had to visit the doctor, and had regular counseling sessions. I was alone, I didn’t have many friends there and depended a lot on my boyfriend. To top things off, let’s just say we had a bad breakup and things got even worse.  I became very self-conscious, my confidence and self-esteem lowered tremendously. So I decided to get the tattoo, to remind myself everyday that I should love myself.


SimplySxy: You have stated that your dream is to run your own fashion show.  How will you describe your fashion style?

Cheryl: I don’t really have a fashion style. I hate to dress up, so if I’m not going on a date, or for photo shoots, I don’t really give a crap about what I wear.  Shorts and t-shirt best describe me. But I do like dolling up and wearing high heels but I haven’t done that for awhile since I sprained my ankle last year and it still hasn’t healed properly (I was drunk on a trampoline if you gonna ask how! LOL).


SimplySxy: What is your cocktail or alcohol of choice?

Cheryl: I usually drink Negroni, or something more to a bitter side of cocktail if I’m in a cocktail bar. Otherwise I’d order a Whiskey, on the rocks.


SimplySxy: Is there any motto you live life by? 

Cheryl: Persevere, Persevere, Persevere.  It’s actually the motto of my “already closed-down” secondary school, Ghim Moh Secondary School.


SimplySxy: Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to interview you and before we end, tell us your definition of “sexy”?

Cheryl: My definition of sexy is as long as you feel content with yourself. You’ll be beautiful. And being beautiful is a very sexy thing.

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Images courtesy of Cheryl Choe

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