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Australia’s Legal Brothels, Perth


Australia’s Legal Brothels, Perth

So I decided to go to Perth, the other side of Australia, where the mining boom has given the average tradesman a six figure salary.  Again the scene, was very different but the receptionists were lovely and supportive, so that was good enough for me.  It was smaller with less girls, thus it was a bit cliquey, with even the owners engaging in workplace gossip.  The main thing that shocked me was the proliferation of methamphetamine amongst the workers and clients. Western Australian state brothel laws prohibit the consumption of alcohol on premises.  What shocked me was how open they were about their recreational drug use.

Clients would come in and say ‘Sorry I might not get hard, I blazed pretty hard just before I got here’ (NB ‘blaze’ refers to smoking a meth pipe).  Many times I would strike up conversation with girls only to be constantly interrupted and eventually just watch them ramble on and on.  On Saturday nights we would watch and laugh at the resident heroin addict who would go on the nod and spill tea all over herself.  It was a relief really because as long as she was unconscious, we wouldn’t have to protect our stuff.  She was a kleptomaniac.

Because of the alcohol restrictions and the unavailability of cocaine in WA, it was actually a lot easier to work there.  In the Shoe on a Saturday night there would be a 50/50 chance that we would have to spend hours getting lock-jaw sucking on sheathed and flaccid dick.  In Perth, besides the 1% on meth, the worst they could do was drink too much making them rock hard and unable to ejaculate which is still better than flaccid dicks.

Being an isolated city, Perth has a higher proportion of Australian clientele, and not the cosmopolitan kind that can be found in Sydney and Melbourne.  I don’t care what anyone says, us Australians are pretty fucking funny.

Bearing this in mind, I decided to move to Perth and go private.  The only thing holding me back from going private in Sydney was not being able to afford a place of my own.  With its more affordable housing and wealthy laid-back population, I decided to take the plunge.

Looking back, I do not think I could go back to brothel work.  Then again, as they say in this industry, ‘never say never.’  Hell, I walked away from the Shoe three times.  I get to choose my clients, work when I want and earn over twice as much as I did in brothels where management garnished 30%-50% of whatever money we made.

What I do miss most is the camaraderie between the workers.  The gender stereotype that all women are bitchy and compete with each other does not apply to the work environment in brothels.  Any worker who did subscribe to this stereotype quickly became a pariah.  Never did I experience an environment that was more supportive and non-judgmental than the brothel.  Our backgrounds, income, identity etc. didn’t matter.  There, we were all equal.

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