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Interview with Dave Nunez


Interview with Dave Nunez

radio daveAfter interviewing some of the biggest names in porn, SimplySxy turns the table on Dave Nunez, host of Just Guy Talk and Radio After Dark in the US to find out more about his radio shows, his view on sex and the biggest sex tip he’s picked up to date.

SimplySxy: Thanks for taking the time chat Dave. This has been long overdue. How has it been with Just Guy Talk and Radio After Dark?
Dave: Everything is going great. We’ve been adding followers/listeners. Both shows are syndicated on a larger network, and consistently rank in the top 7 shows.

SimplySxy: What has been the main driving force behind your shows?
Dave: I think part of it has been the need for attention and recognition. Everyone loves instant gratification. We don’t always get that in our daily jobs. Also the desire to succeed in an area where I have no formal training.

SimplySxy: How do you think we can get over this whole hurdle of promoting sex positivity?
Dave: That’s a tough one. Society needs to be more open-minded and accepting about sex. And it starts with education, for adults and children alike. Adults shy away from questions because they don’t know the answers themselves. They need to seek out the material. Sites like provide the content to the public with the articles, blog and sexperts. If they get educated it makes the communication process to their kids easier. Schools should be allowed to teach real sex education. TV, movies and music all reflect sex in some form or fashion. Our kids are influenced by these outlets daily. It will be a long process.
SimplySxy: You’ve been interviewing some of the biggest stars in the porn. What’s the most important sex tip that you’ve picked up?
Dave: Don’t try to fuck like a porn star! Actually the best advice came from Holli & Michael the “swinger couple” from Playboy Radio’s “Swing Podcast”. They believe in T.T.L.C., trust, talk, listen and communicate. If you follow these four points with your partner then your sex life should be enjoyable and healthy.
SimplySxy: So we hear that you started a new site, Blue Streak Radio. Tell us more about that.
Dave: Blue Streak Radio is a collection of podcasts I’m putting together. My plan is to eventually create a live streaming network from the website that covers adult, sports, comedy, entertainment and women’s topics. So far we have five shows total. I hope to be up and running by Q3 of 2015.
SimplySxy: One last question before we end off. How do you define sexy?
Dave: I believe its a confidence within yourself to meet people, socialize and be positive. Also you have to comfortable with your body. We may not all have the physique of those in Hollywood so be happy with physical attributes you do have. If you carry yourself with confidence and poise people will notice. Thanks.
SimplySxy: Thank you for your time Dave. It’s been great having you to share your thoughts with our readers. Please catch Dave live on Blue Streak Radio.

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Image courtesy of Dave Nunez
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