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10 ways to drive him crazy

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Sex Ed

10 ways to drive him crazy

There are many stereotypes about guys out there when it comes to sex.  It is on their minds all the time, they love getting blow jobs, fantasise about having threesomes with twins and can have sex at any time of the day.  But what do they really want in bed?  Below are 10 tips men wished women knew that can drive them wild.

1.  Take control

Tell him what to do.  Be the lead and have your way with him.  It is a secret fantasy for all men when the women takes over and surrenders completely to her dominance.  Let him lie back and enjoy the pleasure while you do whatever you want with him.

2.   Show him how you do it

Men are visual creatures by nature.  Put on a show by masturbating for his viewing pleasure and let him know how much you are enjoying it.  A woman who is able to touch and please herself for her man to watch is self-confident.

3.  Talking Dirty

Tease and arouse him by talking dirty.  This is a huge turn on for men.  Throw in naughty words and orgasmic sounds as you talk to him.  You will be surprised by the effects this has on him.

4.  Initiate

Men are the ones who usually initiate sex but it is great when the roles are reversed.  Women have their needs too and men like it when the women is the one who initiates.  Let him know how much you want it by putting your hand in his pants and whispering dirty things into his ear.  He loves it when he least expects it.

5.  Get rough  & kinky

Sometimes, sex that is a little rough and dirty can be lots of fun.  Bring out the inner beast in him by getting him to go faster, harder and rougher.  Mix in a little bondage by using blindfolds or letting him tie you to the bed.  Throw some spanking in for good measure!

6.  Take it all in

Swallowing is the ultimate fantasy of every men.  It might seem gross but it means the world to him.

7.  Experiment

Do not be afraid to be kinky or mix things up.  Men love women who are adventurous and open to new possibilities.  Trying new things in bed such as different positions or sex locations at home can create a whole new pleasurable and interesting experience.  Communicate and be open with each other’s fantasies to satisfy both of you.

8.  Great massages

Give him an erotic massage all over.  A guy will always love a massage from a woman and what better way to get touchy with him.  Make it a sensual massage by arousing him with your fingers and even your body parts!

9.  Confidence & Attitude

Nothing is sexier to a guy than a woman who is confident about herself in all her naked glory.  Confidence is a sexy trait and seduce him with what you have.  Express enthusiasm and eagerness to get maximum enjoyment from sex.  A guy will love being with a woman who enjoys the sex as much as he does.

10.  Dress sexily

Wear his favourite lingerie, present yourself as a gift and let him unwrap you slowly.

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