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Dr Ashok Kumar

Dr Ashok Kumar

Dr Ashok Kumar, a medical doctor (Bachelor's Degree in Medicine and Surgery) and M.S (Masters Degree in Human Sexuality and sex Therapy) practicing as a Sexologist and sex therapist in treating Sexual Dysfunctions with world class expertise. Well experienced with State of the art of treatment methods in bringing Happiness in the field of Human Sexuality. It makes the road easy for Dr. Ashok Kumar in Diagnosing and treating the sexual dysfunctions as he comes from medical and sexology academic backgrounds. Being well exposed to internationally as a sexologist, it's easy for him to study the cases in whatever cultural settings they are put in. Dr. Ashok is good at communicating and listening as well as being open-minded and nonjudgmental. He always addresses the issues or complaints from a rigorous scientific perspective, rather than from an ideological perspective. Dr. Ashok's goal is to promote awareness, education and assistance with a wide range of sexual issues that are fundamental to one’s overall health and well being.

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