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Houston Lifestyle & Travel Blogger Diana Bhatt


Houston Lifestyle & Travel Blogger Diana Bhatt

I am from Houston, TX. Being from the South Asian household, my first exposure to beauty was my mom’s kajal that I would put in my waterline. That was the only makeup I would wear in my adolescent. Growing up, I was a tomboy. I was not into fashion or makeup or even keeping up with the current trends. I was more focused in school and extracurricular activities such as Student Council, Poetry club, Art club and Debate club. After graduating from college and stepping into the corporate field, I became more interested in fashion/makeup as I was earning income to afford it.

Aside from blogging and sharing my favorite finds on Instagram, I do work full time as an HR consultant. Helping people grow and prosper in their career has always been a passion of mines.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I love traveling. My bio in my Instagram states “wanderlust”. My biggest advice I would give 20-year old’s is travel if you can. Clubbing/Partying is fun for a while, however, traveling creates memories. This world has a lot to offer. I have been to Miami, Saudi Arabia, New York, India, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. I do have a bucket list of places I still would like to visit, however, due to covid it halted. I cannot wait to travel again and make more memories.

I also love running. It helps me clear my mind and helps with stress. I tend to overthink about things and I feel at peace after running few miles.

What inspires your fashion style?

My fashion style is inspired by classy and chic looks. I admire former first lady Jacqueline O. Kennedy and Coco Chanel. I like outfits that can be versatile. I like to wear clothes that can be worn different ways and does not take long time to style. I love brands that offer variety of sizes because size “zero” does not fit all.

Before Covid, I would go into the office early morning and come up with outfits to wear for the week during on Sunday evening. My style I would can be worn by the busy mom, or the woman on the go.

Which is the best compliment you have received?

Beauty with brains. It meant a lot to me that I was noticed beyond my looks.

How will you describe a typical day like for yourself?

As I am working full time, I am currently balancing my life as a blogger/consultant. I currently work a hybrid model at work and the days I do go in the office, I do work 10 – 12 hours. Even working from home, I am committed to working long hours. However, during the weekend I like to plan my content. I am selective with the brands I work with as I do not have the bandwidth. Currently I create monthly content for Express and just started working with White House Black Market. My beautiful Mom takes my photos and loving I call her my “Momager”.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but have yet to find the time for it?

I always wanted to fly off an airplane and go camping. I want to do something adventurous and exciting. I also want to drive an ATV through a desert. There are plenty of adventurous things I would love to do if I had the time.

Have you been in an embarrassing situation before that is funny now when looking back?

As we started working from home, we are relying on apps like Microsoft Teams to stay connected with our team members. I had two meetings at the same time n MS Teams. I was not required to attend one meeting, however, I was required to attend the other one. Anyways, I connect to the meeting I am not required to attend and started speaking about something different. Within a minute, I realized I was in the wrong meeting and excused myself to leave. It was so embarrassing! Thank god the management was forgiving! Anyways, this taught me to take a better look at the title.

What turns you off on a date?

It has to been when he is on the phone. Nothing irritates me more than when he is on his phone and I am trying to convey something to him. It is not only disrespectful when he is on the phone and providing his full attention to you, but also it is as if he is not interested in you.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Diana. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone is beautiful in his/her own way. Beauty will fade, however, what is on the inside stays for a life time. I personally believe being sexy is having a beautiful heart.

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