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Women Who Use ‘Gentlemen For Hire’

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Women Who Use ‘Gentlemen For Hire’

Consciously or subconsciously, everyone seeks a little comfort in another person.

Sometimes, these ‘other people’ aren’t readily available when we need them the most, and that’s where gentlemen for hire or escorts, as they’re more popularly known, come in for women. Having the ability to fit into whatever role you desire them to play, they’re a lot more important than most people think.

Who Exactly Are Gentlemen For Hire?

Also known as escorts, gentlemen for hire are often mistaken as sex workers due to the stigma around the job. But they aren’t.

Who are they then?

Gentlemen for hire are good-looking, physically fit, and intellectually sound men who have jobs as professional companions. Dinner dates? Company for social events? Mind-blowing conversations? Non-sexual intimacy? Casual company?  They’ve got it all, and that’s why women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to get it employ their services.

Why Do Women Hire Male Escorts?

There is usually a lot of controversy surrounding women employing escorts and people keep wondering what the catch is. Why do they do it?

While it’s necessarily not in anyone’s place to critique the actions of grown women, there are several reasons why women book gentlemen for hire.


When we say control, we don’t mean the less than appealing kind or even BDSM, that’s a personal choice. We meant having control over who you invite into your space or life.

Some women have control reasons for wanting sexy strangers to be their ‘shoulder to lean on’ when they need one instead of the men around them.

With Gentlemen For Hire, you decide who you want, what you want them for, why you want them and even where you want them.

It’s all in your hands. It doesn’t come with the uncomfortable feeling of having strings attached or bothering someone who doesn’t want to be bothered.

It’s all on a contract basis.

Whether you want them for purely casual hangout reasons or even more intimate ones like romantic dates, it’s your decision to hire and their choice to get hired.

Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows what she wants!


Yes, women can get lonely. Even in a room full of people, loneliness can still creep in. In situations like this, women can get a gentleman for hire to fill the void, provide great company and conversation.

Women who love to experience the joys of companionship and beautiful platonic friendships love to use the escort service because it’s easier and a sure guarantee. When you call them, they’ll definitely be available for you. No disappointments and definitely no delays!


A quick trip to the bar would probably help a woman pick up company for Friday night, and while that seems cool, there are always safety concerns.

What if he’s a serial killer? Or a rapist? Or even a trafficker? You can never tell, and that’s what makes bar pick-ups and take-homes pretty much less enticing to some women.

With gentlemen for hire, you can be sure of who you’re bringing into your home or going out with since they are usually checked, trained, and registered. With a service like gentlemen4hire, you can be sure of your safety, privacy, and the confidentiality of your information since their escorts are usually well-vetted and trained in the art of pleasing clients and making sure they have a great time.

If you were worried this might not be legal, it’s time to stop worrying because escort services are fully legal.

Meeting New People

Some women just want to have fun and meet new people. It can be an exciting adventure for most women.

Getting to know someone new and just chilling without the added pressure of sustaining the relationship beyond that point can be awesome. It helps you to be less guarded and more open to interesting conversations you normally wouldn’t have with those you know deeply.

Having no expectations can actually do wonders and help you relieve stress or emotional troubles. You get to unpack without any pressure to be perfect or hide since you probably wouldn’t see them again after that time.

Some women want this emotional security and wouldn’t mind paying for it nicely!

Official Purposes

While most of the reasons we’ve explored bother on personal wants, some women hire escorts purely for official work-related reasons.

Some of these could be needing a last-minute date to an office party or event, a meeting where a plus-one is compulsory, or even as dates to a school reunion party. Nobody wants to be the single and sad classmate or co-worker who doesn’t bring anyone to the party.

If there’s no one in a woman’s life who can fit these roles, then escorts are the perfect choice to make a fantastic impression.

Women and their escorts or ‘Gentlemen For Hire’ usually have mutual contracts or agreements they work by that keeps the whole arrangement in check.

Anyone can have a good time, be confident and go get what you want!

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