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Disability & Sex Work

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Disability & Sex Work

I love sex! LOL. The weirder the better, I love roleplays and kinks, and people being fully themselves during sex. But in general, I think sexuality is an opportunity for joy.

My Companionship Style

I don’t think I’m necessarily the ideal companion for everyone. I’m a fat and curvy redhead who is pushing 40, and I like seeing people who appreciate that about me and see all of those things as positives. I also love seeing people who are disabled and/or kinky and/or marginalized who are looking for an authentic connection based on mutual respect and fun!

I see all respectful clients 21+ and love vanilla sessions too, but I particularly specialize in clients with disabilities, Milf/mommy, and catering to non-impact kinks and fantasies. I have my own disabilities which limit things like hiking or going to the beach so an ideal match are clients who are comfortable with spending more indoor time. (smiling devil emoji LOL).

Misconceptions About The Sex Lives Of People With Disabilities

How much time do you have? I think it’s generally that disabled people aren’t sexual and aren’t currently having a ton of great sex. A lot of sex workers and clients are disabled but we don’t really talk about it that much, which is a mistake. It can give us an opportunity to connect and help me really be able to meet clients’ intimacy needs which includes their access needs.

Exploring One’s Sexual Needs With A Disability

I think the thing that is important is to know it’s okay to be disabled during sex. It’s okay to not want to do certain positions or not be able to do certain things, in fact – it’s normal. Everyone has sexual things that we like and don’t like, and this may or may not be related to our disabilities.

We should all be thinking about the way our minds affect our sexuality, and disability is just one aspect. I also really encourage people to reach out to disabled sex workers if they have the ability. The relationship between an escort and a client is unique and can be a great way to help you learn about what you like and don’t like with someone who has no other agenda than your (and mutual) pleasure and joy.

Recommended Sexual Activities Together

I recommend people work on seeing whatever makes them unique as a strength sexually, rather than a negative. While they also affect my ability to work as much as I’d like, my chronic and mental illnesses have helped me be able to connect to clients better, even non-disabled ones. I know so much more about bodies now than I did before I was disabled.

Don”t Be Afraid To Explore Your Sexual Needs!

I think a lot of times, stigma is the hardest part of all. I recommend that you talk openly about disabilities and the way they affect or don’t your sex life. Of course this is AFTER you are in a sexual relationship with a disabled person. It is rude to ask disabled people about their sexuality or what they are able to do unless you are in a sexual relationship with us.

But just like most things, I recommend having as much fun as possible and exploring whatever sounds the most pleasurable!  Sometimes that may not be sex but may be a back rub or something else! There are a lot of ways that we can be intimate with each other and disabilities only increase those opportunities!

Kitty Milford is a Syracuse, NY based sex worker with big tits, a big, ass, and a big personality. She’s a BBW Milf redhead specializing in Milf/Mommy, non-impact kink/roleplay, gfe, and clients with disabilities. She is also a writer and used to be a lawyer and loves books, seltzer, and lingerie. Since the pandemic she’s been focusing on virtual services. See more at or email her at

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Kitty Milford

Your curvy BBW MILF GFE fantasy. Big tits, big ass, big personality. I am smart, funny, educated, and well traveled. I’m quick to laugh, love to eat, and truly enjoy this work. I am also a sex work activist and am proud to be able to give back to the community that has given me so much. I will have as much fun on our dates as you will (well, almost!). I love reading, lingerie, and weed.


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