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Mini Lau of Mini Tattoo Studio


Mini Lau of Mini Tattoo Studio

Hi, this is Mini. I am a tattoo artist based in Hong Kong. I brought the fresh breeze of Small Tattoo to Hong Kong few years ago. After learning the technique from Korea, I opened my own tattoo studio, Mini Tattoo, which focuses on small-scale tattoos.

How did you get inspired to the world of tattoos and be a tattoo artist?

My tattoo style is mostly inspired by the Korean tattoo trend. It is colorful, petite, and the lines are thin and less bold. Most of my work is inspired by nature. Dainty flowers, exquisite feathers, and simplistic dream catchers are popular commissions among my clients. I guess that is why my tattoos are popular among young women and first-time tattoo-ers.

I have been interested in tattoo art since secondary school. I have always had a passion for drawing, so I had the idea of becoming a tattoo artist instead. It was not easy at first. I looked up tattoo shops online and went knocking on their doors with my portfolio, asking if they would take me as a student. Only one tattoo shop took me as student. I started my journey to become a tattoo artist when I was 16.

What is your specialty of Small Tattoo about?

For me, I think small tattoos can be an art form that is here to stay and hope that my creations bring “a steady stream of creative spirit” to those who wear them.

Which are the favorite tattoos you have done before?

I once tattooed a client suffering from depression.  I know that her parents divorced when she was young, and her parents-in-law took care of her. She tried to hurt herself and committed suicide when she was unhappy. She still had many scars on her hands. She had been sexually harassed by her cousin when she was young. 

Fortunately, her personality changed after raising a dog, and she later published a book for it.  The puppy was very sensible and knew that she was unhappy, so the puppy kept struggling to grab the door and saved her many times. Among the many tattoos, this impressed me very much.

For someone who has never gotten a tattoo before, what do you recommend for their first?

I always ask my clients to think thoroughly before considering getting a tattoo, because it is a permanent thing. Tattoos hold meanings for people. They are a form of art and it means a lot to clients and tattoo artists.

I once had a customer who asked me to tattoo a robot design that was just a random sketch from someone. It was a quite simple pattern, but what hit me the most was the reason behind that tattoo. I asked her why she wanted such a simple tattoo, and she replied matter-of-factly, “Because it makes me happy. I laugh whenever I look at it, so I want to find a way to preserve it forever. ”

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but have yet to find the time for it?

Usually I will travel to different countries as a guest tattoo artist. Due to Covid-19, I stayed in Hong Kong this year. I started to prepare my tattoo course. I wish the virus would go away. Wish everyone a safe passage through this difficult period.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Mini. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

I think getting tattooed is very sexy. Tattoos can make people feel confident and express who they are.

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Mini Tattoo – tattoo course will be started from Jan 2021.

I hope that my students can find their own unique style and position in the process of learning tattoo and become a unique tattoo artist.

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