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Buy my used panties with a customised video


Buy my used panties with a customised video

I started selling my used panties about a year ago, when I stumbled across an article online discussing the topic. Picture 265_newAI figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and being a full-time student, the extra money would be nice. The article I read suggested selling on Craigslist, but as you can guess, that didn’t work out or last very long. There were way too many creeps for my comfort. Once I saw the potential this panty selling business had, I decided it was be a good idea to invest in my own website. With the help of an amazing web designer Alex (, I now have my own website ( which is currently finding its way to the top pages on google!

Picture-174_new-AI personally believe panty selling is a creative way to express your sexuality while providing a means to help support myself at the same time. Most people would probably think I only do this for the money and that I am very desperate.  But to be honest if this actually wasn’t a fetish or turn on for me, I would not be doing it! I really don’t have many fears when it comes to selling my used panties. I guess the one fear most girls would have with this kind of business is having someone find out where you live or any kind of personal information, so I believe it is very important to remain discrete no matter how close you become with your cust20140728_231611_wm-1-1omers. I had one guy that emailed me for a while just looking for a free show, and he brought up the point one day asking if I ever feared someone using my DNA to cover their tracks at a crime scene.  This was very comical and creepy as well to me so I never emailed him again.

Personally I think the sexiness of the panties depends on what looks best on that particular woman. For me, I have been told I look very sexy in lace boy-cut panties and I also sell several plain cotton bikini styles. Many customers have requested me to keep buying the bikini style because it complements my butt. I’m not sure if I offer anything much different or unique than other sellers out there, but when I do have an order I also try to let the customer customize as much as they please to ensure they are satisfied. For example when someone places an order that may include a 5 minute video, I will also email the customer and ask if there are any special requests they would like me to do in the vid. My best sellers would probably be thongs or bikini style with masturbation and usually with a 5 minute video.

ptrust1One particular order I remember was when the customer asked if he could shoot a video of himself masturbating to my pictures and then send it over to me. I of course said yes, because it did turn me on thinking about it, so once it was time to make his video for him, I watched his video on my cell phone while masturbating in the pair of panties he ordered. I remember the whole thing was such a turn on that I was able to reach orgasm before the video was even half way over!
A special shoutout to my web designer Alex for the great job on

Images courtesy of Nikki
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Lovely Nikki

Lovely Nikki's sexy used panties. Nikki's used panties come with fully nude videos and photos as well as many other wear options. I love to please so don't be afraid to send me your requests.


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