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Hawaiian Tattoo Artist & Entrepreneur Mehana Pilago


Hawaiian Tattoo Artist & Entrepreneur Mehana Pilago

I have only tattooed professionally for six months now actually… I’ve grown up in tattoo studios since I could remember, my dad has been a tattoo artist for over 30 years. Now, my brother and I have now become the 8th generation to become tattoo artists in my family.

When I was younger, my dad always pushed me to tattoo but I never thought I was a good enough artist to do it.  Finally last year, I became more confident in my art since freelancing graphics and illustrations for a few years and decided to go for it, since I lost my normal office marketing job.

I was so surprised to receive so much bookings and love towards my art from the first few weeks I held my license. I’m so grateful to be able to create art for people to cherish for the rest of their life, and I can’t wait to keep learning and creating.

Do you have a story to share behind one of your tattoos?

Most of my tattoos have meaning to me or took place in particular times in my life that I needed some sort of therapy. I really do believe getting tattooed is a therapeutic experience. My tigress on my hand/wrist is one of my favorites, it always reminds me of the power that my right hand particularly holds. Since I use my right hand to draw and work, it is really my most powerful tool. 

How do you like to spend your free time?

I love to spend my free time outdoors whether it’s surfing with my boyfriend, family and friends or in the forest exploring with my dogs. I’m so thankful to live in such a beautiful place and I think it’s very important to find inspiration and peace within nature.

What are 3 fun things you like to do in the city you live in?

We live in a pretty small town here in Kailua Kona. A few things I love to do are surfing, hiking, and exploring our Island of Hawaii. And I also love going to artisan markets and checkin out all the new small businesses and creatives here. We have so many talented people.

Are you more of a lingerie or bikini babe?

Definitely live in a bikini more but I love me some spicy lingerie too!

Would you rather have the power to control minds or teleport?

I would definitely love to teleport and experience more of the world and its cultures!

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Mehana. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

I think sexy should not be defined in one word or way. I think being sexy should be about feeling confident in your own skin, feeling smart and intelligent, having a sense of humor, a sense of adventure and always having a good heart and intentions.

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Main IG: @mehanaokalaa

Tattoo IG: @mehanatattoosnow


I have my own Design, Marketing and Merchandise Agency as well!

Images courtesy of Mehana Pilago

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