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Actress, Emcee & Producer Tammie Chew


Actress, Emcee & Producer Tammie Chew

Hi, I am Tammie Chew. I’m a Singaporean actress, widely known as “Happy” from TV drama “Menantu International” and “Couple Cosmo”, from 2015 to 2020. I’m also an emcee and producer.

Was being in showbiz something you’ve always wanted to do growing up?

Actually no. Growing up in Singapore, I’ve been taught to be practical about my goals. If my friend didn’t sign me up for a beauty pageant, leading to my first TV role, I will have probably continued in my office job. So there were plenty of times when I doubted my career choice, wondering if I should just quit.

What tips or advice can you give to aspiring actors and those who like to go into acting as a career?

As an actor, you need to be resourceful, resilient and very hardworking. All that while still looking your best.

You need to be resilient when facing rejections in auditions, audience’s response, the drastic difference in the highs and lows. You have to understand that rejections and fluctuations in your career is not directly related to your worth. There are simply too many factors to decide whether you’ll have work or be recognised for your work.

You have to be resourceful to find opportunities and make an impression. Even if things are not moving, you still need to continue pushing and improving yourself.

And when you have work, you have to give it your all, make it count, be professional. People need to know that you are good to work with, so your career can have longevity.

What are your proudest achievement so far?

I remember when I first walked the red carpet of the awards ceremony, I felt like all my hardwork and perseverance was worth it. I was nominated as the Most Promising Actor Award at the Mediacorp Pesta Perdana

I thought that was my proudest moment. But it was until much later when my producer told me something that made me realise that being an actor is much bigger than just myself. Someone told my producer that he used to be racist and stubbornly believed that all Mainland Chinese are bad and have no manners. But after watching my show, he realised that he should not be so fixated on his thinking, and is now willing to not be racist. It was then that I realised, as actors, our shows and what we do have an impact in people and the society. And to be able to bring about a positive change is my proudest moment so far.

Do you have a strict beauty or exercise regime that you follow?

I do. I try to exercise at least twice a week. I meditate, try to always have warm drinks instead of chilled drinks. I usually use 7 to 10 skincare products on my face every morning and night.

If you could collaborate with anyone past or present, who will it be?

I have been saying this in multiple interviews and people always laugh when I say this. So, I really want to act alongside Nicholas Tse, and have him as my co-star. Or rather, be his co-star. Other than the fact that he is an awesome actor, I think I will definitely learn a lot from him. But also mainly because he has been my idol since I was 15! I’m ok to not get my actor’s fee just to be able to act alongside my idol. Haha!

Do you have any other hobbies or interests?

I love music and movies. I also love the sun and the waters. So if I am not working, you will probably find me playing the guitar and singing, or in the ktv, or movies. Or jogging, cycling, rollerblading at the beach or reservoirs.

What is an ideal first date to you?

An ideal first date will be… when you are really comfortable with that person. To have long conversations over some wine, without realising that time just flew by.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Tammie. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

To me, sexy is an attitude and state of mind when you want to share the best you with the world or with that someone. But fundamentally, you need to first be truly confident and embrace all of yourself. Only then, you will be able to share that with others.

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