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Model & Actress Siren D’ville


Model & Actress Siren D’ville

SimplySxy has the unique opportunity to interview model and actress Siren D’ville, who hails from Yerevan, Armenia. Read on to find out more about this amazing lady!

What inspired you to be a model and how long have you been modeling?

What inspired me to be a model is I love being in front of the camera
doing poses and being creative.  As a model you have to be creative
with your poses, not the photographer.  I have been modeling since
from November 14, 2014.  I am an internationally published model.  I
got published in SOUR Magazine, February 2019, Femme Modern Magazine,
April 2019, Xpressions Magazine, October 2019, Make Sense Magazine,
April 2022.  Social media star.  I am on every internet page.

Which is a memorable or unforgettable photoshoot you’ve had before?

Memorable photoshoot that I had was at Cherry Beach holding an
umbrella in my hand.  Differed from other photo shoots that I had.  I
like the beach and the water, calms me.

How was the experience like participating in beauty pageants and winning them?

Experience in participating in beauty pageants was great and winning
them was amazing.  I feel honored winning such a notable title.  In
the entertainment industry if you don’t have a name, you are nobody.
Losing is easy, winning is bravery.

Is acting on camera a lot more challenging than being on a photoshoot?

Acting on camera yes is a lot more challenging than being on a
photoshoot because when you are on camera you need to be creative,
express yourself in ways that you don’t get to express yourself in
other ways.  I like how you express yourself with your hands, facial
expressions and with your acting skills.  Read the script ten times
until it is perfect.  Definitely a challenge.  Acting is not an easy
job.  It takes dedication, commitment and hard work.  You need to give
hundred percent in every audition you go to so you can get casted.  As
for being on a photo shoot, you need to be creative with your poses
being in front of the camera.  You should know which pose is right for
you than the photographer.  It is still hard work being in front of
the camera more than one hour.  You have to put a lot of hard work
into it if you want your photos to turn out good/quality, especially
when submitting for magazine publications.  Quality is key as well as
creativity.  You need to have creative imagination when it comes to
poses and producing quality work.  As the saying goes, quality counts
more than quantity.

Which are some of your acting highlights so far in your career?

My acting highlights so far in my career is I think the film that got
me out there was Two Ways to Heaven (role of Ms. Melissa Mauricio) lead actress (High Profile Businesswoman), January 22, 2017 (Revue Cinema) and Simulation Actress that played at Aga Khan Museum, July 2017, New Things student short film role of a mother, lead actress and many other roles.

You have won several awards before, which is the most memorable to you?

Most memorable award was, Miss Congeniality Armenia award (2020),
London, England. (Pageant Queen).  They are doing it virtual now due
to COVID 19 pandemic.  I have a legal background.  I went to Seneca
College of Applied Arts & Technology took a two year Law Clerk Diploma
Program.  I went on my own doing court agency work, criminal set dates
and small claims litigation.  I think it was a pretty good fit.  There
is definitely a match.

If you could act alongside anyone today in a production, who will it be?

Great question.  If I could act alongside anyone today in a
production, it will be Hilary Swank.  She is a great actress and lots
of people like Hilary Swank.  She is brave/courageous actress which I
admire that a lot in actresses and she is very brave from what I have
seen films that she has been in.  She seems a versatile actress.
Likeable and talented.  It would be my honour to act alongside with
her.  I am sure I will learn a lot from her.

For those who are not familiar with burlesque, can you share a bit of
what it is?

A burlesque is a literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause
laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works or by
ludicrous treatment of their subjects.  The word derives from the
Italian burlesco, which in turn, is derived from the Italian burla-a
joke, ridicule or mockery.  Burlesque overlaps in meaning with
caricature, parody and travesty and in its theatrical sense, with
extravaganza as presented during the Victorian era.  A variety show,
typically including striptease.  Cause to appear absurd by parodying
or copying in an exaggerated form.

Is there a lot of training required to undergo before being a
burlesque performer?

Not really.  Burlesque is not hard.  You can do it yourself by
watching it on you tube.  A lot of it is choreography, sensuality and
costuming.  Burlesque dancers spend lots of money on wigs and
costuming.  You would need to have a stable income to be in burlesque.
Feather boa is the most important accessory.  There is not a lot of
burlesque stuff going on in Toronto, Canada.  I feel honored being
trained by a world renown instructor/legend by the name of Michelle
L’amour.  She is number one dancer in America.  She won the title Miss
Exotic World, Reigning Queen of Burlesque, 2005, World’s Best Group,
2010.  Thanks to Michelle L’amour people are saying where you learned
all these moves.  I did a debut here in Toronto, Canada June of 2012,
then I was hired to perform at Tryst nightclub, used to be Tryst now
it’s Orchid.  My dream is to win the Miss Exotic World Reigning Queen
of Burlesque.  I am going to take after my world renown instructor
legend Michelle L’amour.  Fantastic performer and a great person.  I
had ballet when I was a kid in Yerevan, Armenia so it was not hard for
me.  Learned a lot from her and her instructor Frenchie Kiss.  Chicago
has the best training program.  Anywhere in Chicago, Illinois, New
York, Atlanta Georgia, Seattle, Detroit, Michigan lots of burlesque
there.  I know American Classic Striptease.

How do you juggle everything and what is a typical day like for you?

I try to make a schedule for myself like I will do this today and
tomorrow I will focus on my acting self-tapes, etc.  I wear many
different hats.  I also have a voice talent where I recorded You
Haven’t Seen the Last of Me sung by Cher from the movie Burlesque when
I was in Chicago, Ilinois with the ex-husband.  That was a modern
burlesque that I saw with Christina Aguilera.  With respect to
singing.  I don’t see a lot of voice stuff going on in Toronto,
Canada.   Not a lot of art stuff going on in Toronto, Canada.  This is
not the States when there are lots of opportunities there.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up for the rest of the year?

I am thinking of writing a book about my journey going into modeling,
acting, burlesque and a story about my not so normal life then do a
movie.  Lots of problems happened here in Toronto, Canada ever since
the split with the ex-husband, crazy ups and downs.  Never knew that
there would be this many problems.  Have it published.  I have
accomplished so much and now I am looking for love.  There is no Mr.
Right/Prince Charming for me here in Toronto, Canada, when I leave
here I will find my Mr. Right/Prince Charming.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Siren. One
question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

The way I define “sexy” is sexy comes from within, confidence.  Is how
you present yourself and how you feel about yourself.  Pleasing,
attractive/alluring.  Every woman is sexy in every way, whether you
are skinny, plus size, every woman is sexy and beautiful in every way.

Follow the gorgeous Siren D’ville on

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram): Siren D’ville

Upcoming Works: WOW Pageant magazine that is online,
2022.  I won Miss Classic WOW title holder June 2020, (London,
England), Pageant Queen.  I am competing online beauty pageant in
Australia this year (2022).

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