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How To Explore Smothering & Breath Play


How To Explore Smothering & Breath Play

I have always had a want to understand people’s deepest darkest desires. At first, this led me to read philosophy, and later to BDSM. There is a combination of curiosity, trust and connection that makes exploring kink the most intellectually and physically exciting parts of my day. 

What Is Smothering & Breath Play?

Smothering and breath play are extremely intimate, you’re literally trusting your life force with me. It’s for this reason that you should only engage in these activities with trained individuals, and never push it too far.

Breath play can be quite dangerous and your practitioner needs to be completely in control and monitoring your body language and pre-arranged mercy signals at all times when it comes to heavy bondage breath play scenarios. 

However there are also lighter smothering scenarios that can be a lot of fun, in this case I like to use my body. I have been gifted with large natural breasts and an ample bottom that is ideal for queening (sitting on your subs face) or breast smothering (pushing my subs face between my breasts).

Many subs are attracted to these elements of my body when they find my profile, and I like to use that to my advantage. I love creating scenarios where subs are ‘forced’ (consensually) to perform certain tasks for my amusement in order to try and win my favour, and perhaps have the honour of experiencing this total submission. 

Reasons Subs Love This Kink

I had a sub once say, “when you control my breath it’s the ultimate submission, it’s like you have my life in your hands” 

For many, this form of kink is the most they could offer their mistress. Equally, I hear from some subs that this kink feels extremely comforting, particularly for those who are starved in other parts of their lives – they are being engulfed by the femme. 

What Goes On In A Typical Session

Well, it pairs very well with bondage and restraints for obvious reasons. Usually we’ll start with some more ‘active’ play like task domination or discipline, then I’ll tie them down for their smothering reward – if they have performed to my liking. 

What To Expect Before Trying Smothering & Breath Play

Again, they should do their research and make sure their playmate is engaging in safe, sane and consensual practices. They should establish a way they can communicate their boundaries with their dominant before the session begins – eg a fast tapping of the hand. They should start slow and I would advise no longer then a few seconds of complete breath deprivation – it only takes four minutes to cause permanent damage. If they are considering choking type play, they should make sure to approach the grip from the sides of the throat and avoid crushing the wind pipe from the front. 

They should expect to feel some light headed-ness, and make sure their body is in a supportive and comfortable position. I wouldn’t advise breath play for those prone to fainting or with other pre-existing medical conditions. It is important to practice strong communication with your dominant before, during and after the session.

Mistress Christine – A Sydney based dominatrix, she loves travelling the world and exploring every avenue of fetish when that’s possible. 

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Article images courtesy of Miss Poison Avy; featured image by Dark Indigo from Pexels

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Mistress Christine

Mistress Christine is a Sydney based dominatrix, she loves travelling the world and exploring every avenue of fetish when that’s possible.


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