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How To Explore Humiliation & Face Slapping


How To Explore Humiliation & Face Slapping

My personal views on kink and alternative lifestyles is that everyone has kinks, which makes life more fun and interesting. Everyone should explore their kinks and do not repress it. For alternative lifestyles, I feel like it’s a beautiful thing everyone shows to be living their life to the fullest the way they want and however it makes them happy.

Even if others perceive it as weird or out of the norm. My mother always taught me that I shouldn’t care about anyone’s opinion, especially if they don’t pay my bills. LOL

What Constitutes Humiliation?

Humiliation can be considered verbal or physical and it can include insulting, making a submissive do embarrassing acts like dressing in woman’s lingerie, urinating, slapping, and the list goes on.

I love it because for me it is very empowering. I can’t just go to any man and slap him and call him a loser bitch LOL. When it’s received and given back with obedience and a “Thank you, Goddess” or “Yes Mistress“, it’s very satisfying and rewarding.

Is Face Slapping Part Of Humiliation?

Face slapping I feel is a preference but definitely a part of humiliation. For some, I know that they have had abuse in their lives at a young age and do not like to be hit in the face but do not mind their backsides. I have a submissive that enjoys being slapped followed by insults like bitch or loser.

Reasons Subs Love Humiliation & Face Slapping

The reasons I hear from Subs that enjoy humiliation or face slapping is that they enjoy it because of the feeling of helplessness and feeling below a powerful woman. Also, I see Mommy issues in play in some subs. Being degraded by a woman gives some pleasure and comfort.

What Goes On In A Humiliation Session

In a humiliation session, I start with a conversation that is paid to talk about their wants and needs. So everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect out of a session. 

Safe-words and props are discussed also and how they want to be humiliated. The props commonly used can include floggers, collars, restraints like handcuffs and rope, whips, and even pee sometimes.

What Should One Know Prior To Being Humiliated?

For someone first getting into humiliation or face slapping, I feel that someone should do some soul searching. To see if it’s something that stimulates them in a positive way.

I’m here to help ultimately. I have a background in psychology and working on my Bachelors. I’m not here to ruin lives or mentally damage someone. Now let’s have some FUN 🙂

Miss Poison Avy – Massachusetts based Dominatrix. Love to humiliate and drain wallets for my entertainment. Prove your worth.

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Miss Poison Avy

Massachusetts based Dominatrix. Love to humiliate and drain wallets for my entertainment. Prove your worth.


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