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What It’s Like To Be A Model & Actress


What It’s Like To Be A Model & Actress

Lights, fantasy action, a virtual reality, you could make your fantasy come true as a model and actress. I am a New York City transplant and I love Hollywood so much.

I am an exhibitionist who enjoys letting go and being able to make love to the camera. In acting, I also use the character to play with my senses.  Usually, I do play more colorful parts, but it’s all in the role. I am very open-minded living in Hollywood. It’s incredible the way fantasy turns into reality here. I found the world needs entertainment to relax, enjoy, and unwind. I love that experience in all my work.

I enjoy all my senses. It’s so important to me being sensual from the feel of silk on my skin, or touching a great piece of furniture, or having the sensation of fizzing champagne on my tongue.

Moving Up In My Career As A Model & Actress

I am a published professional model and card-carrying actress. I’m someone who you will find is a chameleon, comfortable in any setting. Currently, I am California-based but travel worldwide, a perfectionist who believes in being the very best; that’s why my name is Tiffany Champagne.

Being an elite private lingerie model with a zest for life, I celebrate every chance I get.  What a time I’ve been having. I love to explore your innermost thoughts and secrets. Not only those that come to fruition on specific anniversaries and birthdays but ones for just the celebrating when needed.

I was privileged to be able to pose for some of the most famous photographers globally and having a mainstream resume with credits includes the following:

The covers of LAVISHLY Style Magazine, S&G Magazine, Stare Magazine.

Cover Girl: Body Rocking Magazine, Theeroticarts Magazine, Dreamvixens Magazine, Body Rocking Magazine, Fievre, Plus Morgan Taylor Jewelry, Fredericks of Hollywood Lingerie, Secret’s in Lace, Travel to Catalina (film), General Hospital (television), Bobbie Brooks Swimwear, Boudoir Photography (film and fashion), In Search of Marilyn (Japanese movie), Everything Goes (television), Young and Restless (television), Acupressure Technique (film), Arco Magazine and many more.

For acting, I studied the Meisner technique and Stanislavski. I find one has to combine them. My acting coach said: “It’s best not to be boring; people enjoy watching a character, either a bitch or a dumb blonde“. I learn from doing and making it fun. However, my acting career was interrupted by personal issues. My then boyfriend was very demanding of my time and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, under stress, I took his advice. But in life, one has to live with the idea of what one tries to do and experience. I feel knowing your utmost wants and desires is the key to more happiness and a sense of accomplishment.    

How I Got Started Into Modeling & Acting

I started in New York City, where I grew up. My girlfriends were beautiful, very sophisticated and they were models. We all grew up very fast in New York. It is a city that doesn’t sleep. My girlfriends were from upper-class families.  Some went to become big names in the modeling world, which I can’t mention.

They had very wealthy parents. I was a teen, but I was soaking all this in. It was my dream life. I was hanging out with beautiful models, going ice-skating in Rockefeller Center, shopping with them in Bloomingdales. Then it was suggested I visited their agency. I was accepted. I discovered a fascinating and creative world. I fell in love with art of Andy Warhol, Picasso, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Henri Matisse. What a classy and exciting life to see at a young age, and I experienced it.  It makes one very polished but I didn’t dare tell my parents. They weren’t hip on me modeling with a big agency.

But in New York, a fashion capital, the kids grow up fast. We went to clubs with phony IDs, and my girlfriends were part of the jet set life. It was a fascinating and spoiled life.

I loved doing photoshoots wearing heavy eye makeup and those fashionable clothes when I was size one, very thin.  My makeup ruined my mother’s towels, and she’d yell at me. 

My mom was very shocked and said she felt the blonde hair and make-up was too much glamour for a young girl. But that’s advertising. It needs to stand out and make a statement; it’s called fashion. But I remember it was such a thrill.

My family moved to Los Angeles. My dad, a consulting engineer, was needed for a new project here. That’s when I went into the glamour, modeling, and acting.         

My figure is more curvaceous and sexy. I began to model for glamour in lingerie and bikini.  The attention I get and the flirtatious attitude of men turns me on. It’s great knowing I am desired and admired.

As I said, I studied the Miesner technique for acting.  I am a very liberal thinker. During that time, I started to model for Playboy Models and they gave me a lot of assignments. They took me for print and video.

Going to the Playboy Manson was a lot of fun, and the Parties were incredible like the Mid Summer Dream and New Years’ Eve Celebrations. And the Easter Egg Hunt where all the beautiful models were looking for Prize Eggs.

I met a well-known ladies man at the Mansion and he was a famous film star, and he changed my name to Tiffany Champagne as I drank a lot of Champagne in the Playboy Mansion and wore a lot of Tiffany jewelry. One day he said, let me show you around. My girlfriend was with me, and we both went to some of the beautiful grounds at the Mansion.

This charismatic actor took me into the monkey’s cage, and we started kissing, and I must admit now I know why he was so popular with the ladies, what incredible skills! My girlfriend was watching and just stood there in disbelief. It was a lot of fun, wild monkeys just flying around, in the cage, how fun!

Another well-known blonde celebrity with whom I was in love introduced me to a famous dominatrix. I soon found out all about fetish studies and human sexuality and started to know about BDSM. 

I was very impressed by the Dom’s fantastic figure and her beautiful outfits of leather corsets. He wanted me to do Fetish Play and learn. I soon found myself joining in the fun. She came out in an extraordinary leather corset outlining her cures of her figure. She modeled her leather and vinyl outfits and fantastic shoes. We did some very erotic experiences. Such as roleplay and different fetishes. It’s a totally different world of kink.

She had items like handcuffs, feather dusters, and exfoliating mittens in her suitcase. She soon blindfolded this blonde handsome man and started rubbing these items on his back with a massage. I was totally into it. And at the end, we put ice cream on him with me licking it off (wink).

It was quite the BDSM educational experience. There is something always new and exciting to learn.

What An Ideal Date Is To Me

I adore nice people, including shy men. But I do have a big spirit of adventure and very big love to travel. I love traveling by request for            dates.

Well, I’m totally spoiled by a movie star life. My dates take me to the best restaurants and shopping. It’s hard to beat that. Since I am romantic, I do love all those things and I specialize in longer engagements and have been invited to different events at times as someone’s girlfriend or secretary. Since I do acting, I blend into many situations in life and companionship.

I am a chameleon. I love the excitement and that’s my adventurous side. … “Wink”

Challenges In This Industry

I would say keep being the best I could be and knowing the latest trends in fashion and sexuality. I’m constantly keeping updated on different situations and styles coming into fashion. I also read plenty of self-help books and about sexual curiosity such as: The Art of Zen, The Best Sacred Society, The Art of Tantra, Positions for Kama Sutra, Fifty Shades of Grey, I am Curious, The Book-Bondassage, Art and Healing, Finding Your Artistic Voice, etc.

Life is short, and we need to make it as exciting as possible. I live each day and make it as exciting as possible within the safe limits.

Is Society Becoming More Open Minded?

Yes, people are becoming very open-minded; and society is changing. It’s definite.

Yes, most people want change and equality, like the different movements, we are seeing. Los Angeles is a big cannabis state and there are lines for its use now that it’s perfectly legal. Of course, years ago it wasn’t. Society changes as there is a great deal of need for stress relief. We, as people, can go through a lot of that stress in our daily lives. The health care workers, doctors and nurses are on the front lines currently, as are food delivery people. It reminds me of the film “The Gladiator”, we are all gladiators in this time of stress.

We all need to have hope for a brighter day. Like the saying goes, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and maybe a rainbow.

Advice For Aspiring Models

I would suggest getting the correct agent for the look you represent. Also, pose with as many accomplished photographers, even if they are just starting. You’ll still get the practice for your craft.

Get enrolled in acting an established acting school where you identify with the technique.

I do hope this Covid-19 situation passes soon. And everyone gets life back to normal. In the meantime, please enjoy my website: and check out my modeling photos on my site.

Tiffany Champagne – I am a Playboy Model/Actress; you may have seen me in Print Ads, Mainstream Films, and even Music Videos. I focus on exactly what you are seeking. There are diamonds, and there are polished diamonds. If you want the latter, then you have come to the right place. I am an exclusive model. Although my I am based in Los Angeles, I travel with arrangements in advance.  If you are seeking the Ultimate Luxury Private Model to join you on your Business Trip, Social Engagement or Vacation……you have found her.

Learn more about me on:


Twitter: @tiffanychamp7

Instagram: @tiffany_champagne


Article images courtesy of Tiffany Champagne

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Tiffany Champagne

I am a Playboy Model/Actress; you may have seen me in Print Ads, Mainstream Films, and even Music Videos. I focus on exactly what you are seeking. There are diamonds, and there are polished diamonds. If you want the latter, then you have come to the right place. I am an exclusive model. Although my I am based in Los Angeles, I travel with arrangements in advance. If you are seeking the Ultimate Luxury Private Model to join you on your Business Trip, Social Engagement or Vacation……you have found her.


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